Frozen, tensed in the binding glare of a stark white room. My vision focuses as my eyes adjust to the all-encompassing white of the cramped room. Shifting uncomfortably, I notice I have trouble moving my arms. Straining against my newfound bonds, a deep unease begins to stir within me and cold traces a burning trail down my back as I feel movement behind me. A disembodied gaze blankets the room.

Assessing my surroundings, I am suddenly aware of the conspicuous lack of cover or shade from the searing heat of the light above me. Instinctively I attempt to raise my hands before stopping short as my sturdy bonds stop me short. Looking down, I see a cocoon of white cloth, only the feeble movements within betraying any difference to my oppressive surroundings.There. I feel someone else behind me again. Whirling around, I see a wall, devoid of shadows. The sudden movement is almost nauseating, and I supress a gag as my stomach churns. With what I am not sure as I can’t recall as I’m not sure when I last ate. In fact, I’m not sure of anything. All I know is that I am being watched by an intruder. One who speaks with no voice, sees without eyes and whose touch is ephemeral, a fleeting hand I cannot feel.

I afraid of the dark. In the dark, there lurks malevolence, suspicion or even succour from the eyes of watchers. But the white is nothing but an unmarked page; a thought unformed; a blinding light. In the white, there is nowhere to hide.

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