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The Pool, Edward Jin

Come, child, come,
Come and dive inside.
Dive into its infinite depths,
And you shall find what you seek.
The thing in front of you,
Is the greatest thing to have existed in
The history of humanity.

It is something of infinite depth,
And man has been drawing from it,
For as long they can remember.
They can’t do anything without it,
And neither can you.

It has done many a thing in history.
It has brought many to prominence,
And many to damnation.
It has given birth to thinkers, believers,
Makers, explorers, innovators, researchers.

It is omniscient, all knowing.
There is nothing it cannot answer,
As long as you look for it,
And have the patience to do so.

So, what is this thing you ask?
Why, it is the pool of knowledge, of course.

Now come, child, come and dive inside,
But try not to drown.

Bookmark, Edward Jin

A few sessions ago, we watched a scene from the matrix where the MC chooses the pill. We were then tasked to write a creative piece about that scene. I chose to go about it differently, and decided to make this bookmark. We write in order to create, but we also need to read, to find new ideas amongst the ones already realised. I hope this bookmark I designed will help you in your endeavours to find some inspiration for your writing.

To get this bookmark, just download the scanned image in this post and print it out. Afterwards, fold the sheet of paper into sixths (each of the images is one side of the bookmark, use the edges to help guide your folding), then tape the edges to stop it from unfolding and you’re done.


Writing prompt, Edward Jin

author note: this is a writing prompt I did some time ago, but kept forgetting to post onto the blog, haha. Anyway,I hope you enjoy. The prompt is a man walks into a bar and sees…


A man walks into a bar and sees the floor covered in corpses. No, corpses wasn’t the correct term, you could hear some people moaning and trying to get up. I see, there was a brawl just now and immediately following that thought was no! I arrived too late. I want a part in this. An ordinary, sane man would not usually have these kinds of thoughts but because he had been outright rejected at a job interview today, he wanted to direct his anger that was still simmering inside of him, even now. He had come here to this pub which he used to frequent in his university days where he could forget today and drown himself in some alcohol. Unfortunately, the scene before him meant that he could not come here today.

Sighing, the man turned around and left.

Exercises in Style: logical analysis,Edward Jin

Train platform. That’s the place.
7:30 in the morning. That’s the time
Power outage.
Train cancelled.
Train cancelled due to a power outage. That’s the situation.
Phone call. That is the action.
Words. That’s what was said.
Me. I am the main character.
Dad. He is the second character.
Driven to school. That’s the result.
I said my farewell and good bye to my dad. That’s the conclusion.
Logical conclusion.

Prologue, Edward Jin 11J

This is part of a novel I’m trying to write(have been for some time, but kept getting sidetracked, haha) . Anyway, I’m posting the prologue for everyone to look at. Please take a look through it for me. It’s probably full of mistakes, haha.


An old man pushed opened a wooden gate and entered a small cottage. There was a young couple inside that was expecting him. Exchanging a light greeting, the old man continued to walk deeper into the building. He reached a bedroom. Faltering in front of the door, the old man took a deep breath and sighed. Having prepared himself, he opened the door.

There wasn’t much in the room, just a bed and a chair. A girl of tender age was lying in the bed, waiting for him.

“How are you feeling, little one?” The old man asked.

“I’m fine, grandpa,” came the reply.

The old man walked in and sat in the char beside the bed. Nothing was said for a while. The old man just sat there looking at the girl. The old man was thinking back on how the girl the girl had to spend her days I this bed.

This had all happened suddenly. The girl was fine one day, prancing around and playing around in the garden, but when she woke up the next day, her body had been paralysed. The most she could do was move her head, eyes and mouth. A week later she became blind and incapable of moving her head. Then, one by one, other parts of her body started breaking down. She was now at the stage where she could only hear and speak.

Noticing that the silence was turning awkward, the the old man finally opened his mouth. “Eve, tomorrow is your birthday. Is there anything you want?”

“No, there isn’t anything I particularly want.”

“Are you sure? Are you sure there isn’t anything you would like?”

The girl didn’t reply. The old man sensed the girl’s hesitation, and said,”you can ask for anything, anything at all.”

Eve forced a smile.”Thank you for asking, grandpa, but there isn’t anything I want.”

The old man nodded. “Well, if you decide you want something, make sure to tell me. Oh, but don’t tell me too late or this old dog won’t be able to fetch what you want in time, alright?

He did’t receive a reply. Sighing, he got up to leave. As the man was about to leave the room, Eve called out to him. “Please wait a minute, grandpa. To be honest, there are some things I want. Is it alright for you to listen to this selfish request of mine?”

The old man came back and sat down beside the girl again. “Of course. Tell me anything. I’ll listen to anything you say. So, what is it that you want?”

“… I want to go and see the garden one more time. I want to climb the highest of mountains. I want to dive into the deepest of oceans. I want to fly in the sky. I want to dance in meadows and lie there bathing in the warm sunlight when I’m to tired to move. I want to smell the fragrance of flowers. I want to watch the sun set in the horizon and gaze at the stars in the night sky. I want to be free. I…”

She stopped speaking.

“It’s fine, you don’t need to hold back. Tell me what you want.”

The girl couldn’t help but burst into tears.
“I… I… I,I want to live.”

Writing prompt: you are death’s summer intern – Edward Jin 11J

You are deaths’ summer intern

12.02.2016 Friday, the weather is sunny

I have just become death’s summer intern. I am to meet up with him? Later today. To be honest I have no idea who he is, or what he looks like. I only know his name. Well, I assume he is a he, at least judging from the name. Ah, it’s almost time. I better leave, or I’ll be late.

Reaching the address, I found that the address given was a cafe. Looking around, I saw no one that matched the image I created from my imagination. Did I go to the wrong address?

“You must be William, am I right” a young voice called out from behind me.