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Sonnet- Jason Li 10L


The farmers look toward the evening sky
An orange glow illuminates the land
Sickles stand by as harvest time draws nigh
Never witnessed before, a land so grand

Western zephyrs, a dark cloud encroaches
A low buzz, becomes a deafening roar
A soft breeze, now a gust, approaches
A peaceful sky, now chaotic in war

There is no mercy; they proceed to feed
Like a Devil’s newest incarnation
There is no mercy; they are driven by greed
Leaving behind trails of desolation

Sickles fall down as harvest time draws nigh
Never witnessed before, a land so dry


A Love Sonnet

Twas fate, not luck, that brought us together,

To forever dance in each other’s arms,

Gracefully, like the wind and the feather,

To eternally love the others charms,

To together sail life’s many storm-plagued seas,

For not one great wave can tear us apart,

To each other’s heart, we both have the keys,

For the two of us shall never depart,

Our love can withstand all the tests of time,

And not one will shake it to the core,

Though our time grows shorter with each clock’s chime,

As life fades I will love you more and more,

And when at the doors of death we stand,

We will walk on together, hand in hand.