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My Name Is Love

Author’s Note: 

This story is the product of writers’ block. When I can’t write something, I take something in my surroundings and write about it, just to get the words flowing. At the time, I was listening to a song called Heart of the World by Lady Antebellum, which is a beautiful song and which prompted this. Fair warning, this is very whimsical.



Hello. My name is Love.

I come in many shapes, and just as many forms. Nothing links them, and nobody can explain them. I am Love, and I am many things: feelings, memories, sounds, sights.

When just the right kind of music is played, and just the right nerve is struck, you feel me. It starts in your belly, warmth, that you can’t ever feel anywhere else but when you meet me. It spreads, slowly, gives you tingles in your arms. It sits in you until you let it go, until, like all things, it fades away. You can feel this warmth even when you hear the saddest of songs, you can feel this warmth when you just want to get up and dance. And you aren’t the only one. Maybe for different music, sure, but everyone feels it. In their heart, in their soul. I touch you where no other feeling can reach you.

I am the kindness you see in the world. I am the man who saves lives, the soul who prevents suicides, the child whose innocents pierces reality. I am the kind man who helps the homeless and the sad man who feeds the pigeons. I am the man who sits alone on a bench and stares across the lake, just the same as I am the woman who sits beside him and makes him smile. I am the person who see once on the train and don’t forget until three weeks have passed. I am the brave man who stands up to terror to save one man or a thousand, and I am the judge and the lawyer who face injustice. I am the policeman who walks the streets and saves lives and livelihoods, and I am the detective who fits for the truth and brings evil to the eternal scale to be judged.

I am what you feel when you stare into your lover’s eyes, and trail a finger across their arm, and flight a hand across their stomach, and rub circles into the small of their back. And I am all those things when they are done to you. I am the peace after the passion, and the warmth by the fire. I am the morning ember in your heart when you wake beside the person you love. I am the hug you have with family seen often or not. I am the party when everyone comes together to celebrate the grandmother’s birthday. I am the kiss before the dawn and the kiss after the sunset, I am the person who cares about your day, and the person who holds your hand when pain is all you feel. I am the spirit who touches you when your heart is broken, and I am the spirit who tells you to pick up the pieces and move on; just as surely I am the person you meet who helps you.

I am every colour. I am the rage and passion of red, the calm and piercing eye of blue, the raw of green and brown, the light of the yellow sun, the good of the revealing white, and the bad of the destroying black. I am every colour on you rainbow, just as I am the rainbow itself and every eye that beholds it. I am the beauty under the clouds, when the sun is covered.

I am the kiss in the rain, the hug in the storm. I am the person who holds you when you fear the thunder stroke. I am the person who holds your hand under a summer’s sun, and I am the person who gives you their coat under winter’s white clouds. I am the person who walks away, and I am the person who runs after you when you leave. I am the beggar on their knees, pleading with you to stay. I am the person that lets you cry on their shirt, and I am the person who picks up the pieces of your broken heart. I am the person that stands there and faces the end with you, and I am the thing you least want to let go of. I am the adventure you run away on, and return home as well. I am the lie you are told, and the forgiveness you give.

I am beauty and I a sorrow. I am kindness and I am reality. I am what you feel and who you are. I am who you love, and who you forget. I am the breaker and the healer, and the lover and the leader and the inspirer. I am the untouchable feeling and the undeniable truth. I am the raw spirit of your soul, the calm peace of your mind, and the overpowering feeling of your heart. I am the strongest man’s weakness, and the weakest man’s strength.

I am what you would die for.

I am Love. I am entirely indescribable, and yet you know when you feel me, who you meet me, when you step into my shoes. I am the universal truth that nobody can explain, and the most beautiful feeling in the world. I am every emotion, and no emotion. I am you and you are me, and I wish you to feel me as often as can be.