Aleppo destruction

Done in a meeting. Our task was to watch drone footage of Aleppo and describe it in 2 ways; 1 paragraph with a neutral tone and 1 paragraph using emotive language.



Paragraph 1 – Neutral tone

There are no other words to describe Aleppo apart from a seemingly unfinished mess. Houses were missing large parts of their walls, as if, in the middle of construction, the builders abandoned it.Debris from slowly collapsing buildings lay strewn all over streets where people still walked and children still played. A view from the sky showed the dusty, cream-coloured mess of the roofs. Giant, gaping holes could be easily seen in the houses with roofs still left; many structures had no roof and instead had what appeared to be half finished rooms, with the walls gradually crumbling down to the streets below. Potholes infested the roads, where cars could be seen shaking as if there was an earthquake driving through them. Bricks had been thrown off of buildings and onto anything else, from the streets below to other buildings.

Paragraph 2 – Emotive language

My home is gone. Well, it isn’t entirely gone, part of the building remains standing (albeit looking like a tornado ripped through it) while the other part of the building has crumbled and fallen to the streets below. All my possessions are destroyed, lost or both in the debris that is left all around the pavement I stand on. Everything that marked my existence in this world has been taken from me. If I didn’t live here, I would think this place was abandoned; a city decimated by war that no one had returned to. I know better though, I know that people go through the city like ants in an anthill, from dirty, dusty streets to newly-made tunnels through buildings, hard to see but hard to ignore. There was a faint buzz somewhere far off of people talking, but I couldn’t tell where.