Heart of Darkness

It has been a while since I posted up a piece of writing. My writing skills are not the best so please cope with the possible mistakes within the story.

William Lai 10L


Heart of Darkness 

Today was the night in which I performed a deed so wicked that no one could ever comprehend. Not after what we had gone through for all these years.  Even fear overwhelmed me at the thought this horrendous act.

The nightmare commenced not long past midnight. Wandering along the desolate footpath, Alex and I headed back home after another stressful day as investment bankers. Life was tiring and difficult when dealing with millions of dollars every day. Neither of us spoke a word until we got to an intersection.

Alex revealed, “Hey! Did you hear? I was given a promotion to “associate” by the boss today.”

I didn’t reply. Instead, I could feel streams of emotions being released throughout my body. He had beaten me once again. That bastard was always one step ahead no matter what it was. Back in high school, he would always be prepared for any tests ahead, all confident and relaxed. I was there, sitting in the back row, struggling to understand the concepts being taught to the class. Despite obtaining high marks, I couldn’t stand Alex’s cockiness without throwing up on the spot. Not only that, he was also the popular and good-looking type of person. When a question was asked to the class, although my hand ages before, his “handsome” hand overthrew my presence and was swiftly selected in replace of mine.

As my mind slipped back in reality, my treacherous instincts that rarely emerged began to control the thoughts whizzing through my head. It was then when I plotted of committing the malicious act; to eliminate my eternal rival here and now.

I strongly clenched my fists into a ball, ready for combat. Pulses of blood pumped through my veins as I crept up to Alex. Suddenly, pain shattered across my body and left me frozen on the spot. My hands loosened, its strength being seeped away into the ground. I could hear faint voices wandering around my brain. I turned my eyes towards the sounds and I could see a glimpse of white light being casted ahead of me. It gradually became brighter and brighter until I could no longer endure its glare. Covering my eyes using my arms, I waited for light to subside.

When I opened my eyes, I could see myself floating mid-air inside a classroom. I attempted to move and surprisingly, my body responded perfectly. Drifting towards the back door, I could see two people chattering happily away. As I got closer, their faces appeared to more familiar than ever. I gasped. The two students were Alex and I! My cloudy memory calmly gathered together and I could somewhat remember what happened on that day. It was on October during our last year at high school. The last chapter of the specialist maths book was staring right at my face but the logic behind the mathematical concepts seemed way too bizarre.  Only one person went through all the trouble answering my simple problem and it was Alex that did so.

Questions then began to flood my head. Why was Alex there along with my younger self? Why was I hovering in the air? Am I a ghost awakened from the dead? I called out to Alex but he continued his conversation without noticing anything I just said.

Then, my thoughts were immediately interrupted by another surge of brightness. Once again, the white light blinded me and eventually faded into the distance. However, this time, I found myself along the nicely trimmed grass of the school’s soccer pitch. Shouts of encouragement filled the air as I turned to witness two teams entering the field. Meanwhile, I could see the younger Alex and myself planning the right time to intercept the opposition.

The siren wailed and the match was on. Alex dribbled the ball along the sidelines, evading every obstacle around him. As he approached the goals, the soccer ball was delivered to my younger self. He dribbled, aimed and scored, all without an exchange of words. We had known each other well enough that words were not even necessary. In fact, at times it felt like we had the ability to read one another’s mind. All of a sudden, I heard an obscure voice calling out to me.

“Hey, snap out of it!”

Everything around me began to blur out. The last thing I saw was the celebration of the goal from our teamwork before blacking out.

I opened my eyes and slowly focused them, only to see Alex staring at me.

“You have been unconscious for more than twenty minutes. Are you okay?” he questioned.

I nodded my head.

“Let’s go then,” Alex said.

He stood up, facing his back towards me.

“Aha! Now he is off-guard!” I thought to myself.

I sprung up and swiftly aimed for a direct attack towards the neck. Just when I was about to land the hit, Alex spun around and seized me by the wrist.

It was as if he knew what I was thinking all along… 



While sitting in my cottage

The earth started shaking

Smoke filled the sky

Everyone thought they were going to die


Missiles whistling through the dawn

Innocent children are being used as pawns

Snipers aiming at their marks

Blood soaked neighborhood parks


Bullets were finally in action

My hands over my ears

The echoes of the fighting

Engulfed every other sound


My brain was confused

Thousands were dying

Why were we fighting this war?


Tyranny, covetous, land, or religion

It has to be one of those

For the bloodshed in this country

That’s unfortunately the way it goes



Explosions light up the night

And in the distance I see a fighter jet soar into flight

Trenches and fox holes dug in the ground

Hiding secretly when you hear the slightest sound


War is like a disease

Its main objective is to displease

When will this all end?


Tony Vu 10N

Motivational Speech

This was written for a text response to the topic of Banned Books. Criticism is welcome. 

Good evening, fellow Citizens.

We are falling into a new era of the Dark Ages.

We are in a society where our leaders fear the way of human progress. They fear knowledge and they seek to oppress it with almighty power.  

We no longer live in a society where humanity can progress any further.

Outside this bunker, the world has fallen into chaos and violence. Cries of peace and unity have fallen upon deaf ears. Our lives have been poisoned with hatred and hostility.

The resistance military has been crushed and defeated by the government security forces.

We cannot go on.

Today as I came here, with my very own eyes, I witnessed hundreds arrested, purely for owning literature, victims of a system where innocent men and women are tortured and imprisoned. Books are destroyed and burned en masse, with flagrant disregard for the centuries of wisdom stored within.

Our very society is collapsing before our very eyes while tyrants seek totalitarian control. Amendment 342 was imposed yesterday, the final act to outlaw all forms of literature under penalty of death.

Technology serves little more than a channel for government propaganda, now censored and monitored beyond any useful means.

Fellow citizens, our final resistance is literature. For time immemorial, literature has served as a beacon of hope in oppressed times, and it is no different in our current times. Countless men have sacrificed their lives in the preservation of literature and knowledge.

But the wisdom of the ages and the knowledge of millennia is being massacred and slaughtered indiscriminately. Soon, our last hope for humanity will be lost forever to the greed and misery of tyrants, and we will be plunged into the dark ages permanently.

If we do nothing, soon we will be no more advanced as millennia ago.

But to those who stand before me, do not lose hope. Do not despair. Don’t give yourselves in.

For as long as we live, our spirit will not perish, for that is the will of our people, of our brothers and sisters.

Let us fight for knowledge! Let us fight for freedom!

Find every book you can find, every novel, every Charles Dickens, every Leo Tolstoy, and hide them.

Hide them so that one day, our future generations might be able to rediscovered what we fought so dearly and sacrificed so much for.

Avenge the brothers and sisters who have fallen, so that their lives were not lost in vain and may they rest in peace.

And I beseech you all those here today, to protect these books and knowledge, and preserve them for our future generations, because there will come a time when the hate and bitterness of our leaders will die, and the power of the despots will be returned back to the people. We must all work together for a single cause, and one day, fate will allow us for our society to return to its former glory.

And it is then, the sunlight of hope will shine back on our society, and our people will be lifted into a greater world, of unity and glory.

That future belongs to you, and me and all of us.

It is up to you to decide it.

We cannot overpower them.

But they cannot defeat us.

By Joseph Nguyen 10M


Macbeth Monologue

Monologue – Act 5 Scene 7 (Just After Killing Young Siward)

This monologue is situated in act 5 and scene 7. This is when Macbeth has just killed the Young Siward and Macduff is approaching. Macbeth murmurs to himself, recalls certain events and decides on what to do. His state of mind is in a dilemma about if she should face Macduff. (This is an entirely new monologue written by me).


Why do I see Macduff before my very eyes?

He is heading this way, glaring into my soulless heart.

His face of resolution, his fist of justice.

His sword, gleaming with blood.

The witches have  prophesised – “beware Macduff”.

Should I fear such a man?

No, yes, no, yes!!

He is here to slay me to return Scotland to her ravishing beauty.

I do not wish to cross blades with him.

I’ve already shed enough blood in one family.

Killing his child, just for revenge.

Pitiful, just pitiful.

Shedding anymore flesh, I just cannot!  

Is this the end of the road for me?

I feel the gates of Hell are opening,

Sending me to where I belong,

For all these immoral deeds.

If only Lady Macbeth were here.

She could guide me through this difficult time.

Without her, there I see no light in the tunnel.

If only….

Damn curiosity!!

Is human character cursed,

Doomed for demise?

 I don’t know what to do!

Fight like a man or suicide?

Retreating will make me the laughing stock of the world.

The infamous tyrant fleeing, oh what irony!

Therefore I cannot surrender!

Wait a moment,

I cannot be killed by those born by woman.

This fight is min, I will not yield!

Bring it on Macduff!


 Tony Vu 10N

Merchant of Venice – Antonio’s Soliloquy (New Scene)

Antonio’s Soliloquy

Act 5 Scene 2 (New Scene)

Venice   Antonio’s House


Enter Antonio and Bassanio


Oh my loyal friend Bassanio, please leave.

I need to spend some time here confined.                                                                                    



Why certainly my lord Antonio.


Exit Bassanio  (Door shuts)



 I have to use my time to think and grieve.

When I signed the bond I was being blind.

But I had to in order to progress.

I planned to use this money to invest

in foreign produce from the distant lands.

I understood the risks I was taking completely.

 I had to take the chance to make money.

Life is simply about taking chances.

Why not enjoy your time if you live once?

Remarkably, my ships made it back home.

The weather must have caused it off its course.

I have an ample amount of money

to invest  in more exotic produce.

My wealth will be greater than it ever was.


I was saved by a rather odd young man.

Why did he wait until the end to act?

He must have been planning it, a game plan.

Balthazar was only stating the true facts.

He had a rather odd scent for a young man.

Peculiarly, he smelt very fresh.

Similar to ladies of high status.

His features looked rather feminine.

His eyes had the look of sweet, sweet justice.

The Jew could have ridded my existence.

I am truly grateful to Balthazar.

Some say age shows experience of one.

It is evident age does not matter.

I thought I was doomed when I saw his age.


I now have half the fortune of Shylock.

I do not feel satisfied however.

He sought what humans’ desire when provoked.

He sought revenge because I harassed him.

I have realised actions can blemish one

physically and mentally for  life.

(Bangs fist on table)

Why did I act like I did to scar him? (Tears streaming down Antonio’s face)

The looks in his eyes when he held the knife.

All I could see was pure vengeance.

His eyes looked like they belonged to the Devil.

Inside him was a caged dove, yearning flight.

The moment he killed me was the moment

The bird would finally be free to take flight.

Shylock I want you to be free.

I should have just been ridded from this world. (Yelling)


I fear my job will be jeopardy.

Merchants shall not trust me because of what  

I did. I was not able to meet the

Terms and conditions that Shylock imposed.


I am lucky to have a very good friend

Bassanio, this man has always been there for me.

He’s the most loyal friend I’ve ever had.

Bassanio is much wealthier now.

He only wanted to marry Portia for money.

He should have been only mine and mine alone.

Oh Bassanio, please let me be yours.

I remember how you helped me and how I helped you.

Oh please come back to me Bassanio.

I will do anything to have you back.

Let’s simply put it this way, I love you!


Exit Antonio


Tony Vu 10N

My Neighbourhood By Night

My Neighbourhood by Night

To commence at the genesis:

Look. It is night, hypnotising street by street. It enters through the park, it devours the nearby streets with such ferocity, it controls the buildings containing the civilians and it manipulates the wild life in the surrounding environment. The civilians and animals who occupy the suburb are resting now.

It is winter, exorbitant moon scrutinising in the diminutive suburb, stars permeating in the diminutive suburb and obscurity, spacious streets silent, the devious owls gliding to the elevated trees, sluggish, speechless nature… The houses are as amaurotic as the Texas Salamander, the business’s lonely. And all the civilians of this prominent and compassionate suburb are all resting now………..

Quiet, the citizens are sleep, the infants, the doctors, the accountants, the tradesmen, the dentists, the lawyers, the photographers, the business men and women, the factory workers, the scientists, the hair dressers, the teachers, policemen, the politicians, the postman, the journalist,   the students are all amid their dreams now. Little boys imagining themselves as racers, their helmets, their racer suits, and shoes tightly fit their fragile bodies. The red racing cars ‘vrooooming’. They are building up momentum and win the race. little girls daze about being fairies. Their sparkly tiaras that distinguish them from the rest. Their magical wand that creates so much awe. The prance around putting smiles on the faces of the adults. And the dogs in their kennel close their eyes in their ‘smeldty’ yards, the crickets do not yelp, they freeze on the lawn.

You can hear the rain drops pattering , and the serene suburb sleeping. And only you can hear the wind flapping its wings. The piercing noises are very minute. Only you can hear the breathing calmly. The inhaling and exhaling noises are loud and clear to you.

Look. Only your eyes are unravelled to see the somber suburb hooked into their dreams. Only you can see the loneliness that the tree is experiencing. He is now an aged man. His precarious fingers shudder as the wind blows off his hat. Only you can relate to the torture that he experiences. Only you can view the fluffy clouds briskly floating by the scrutinising moon.                 

 Inhale. Only you can smell the freshness that the natural surroundings hold. You can distinguish every scent from the sweet smell of daffodils to the strong citrus smell of lemon trees. Because of the freshness, you can walk around, eyes closed and determine which plant is which. Only you can smell the moisture that the ground holds… Walk forward with me along the road. Can you smell it? The detestable aroma of the dog droppings at the park that the people never clean.

Come closer to the houses now.

You can hear the houses sleeping in complete darkness, Only you can see in the dead bedrooms, the tooth brushes in the bathroom, the suits on a hook and the blankets covered over the human’s body. Only you can hear and see their dreams from where you are. Exploration, adventure, colours, and their wishes play clearly in your head.

 Tony Vu 10N

Life From the Perspective of A Tree

As the sun rises, I catch quick glimpse of the insects moving slowly after a night of continuous rain. Mailbox Tom is hungry. He has been malnourished for a long time. In the distance, I can see the postman with his hands on his knees, panting strongly. He takes out his black, distinctive cloth and wipes his forehead slowly. He stretches and reveals that rotund belly of his. The postman’s name is Tom. He always wears a black leather jacket and brown jeans.

          Petulantly, two crows emerge out of nowhere and begin fighting. The black, larger crow soars into the Punica Granatum in the corner, directly in front of the blue metal gate. It looks from left to right, trying to gain proximity of location of the smaller, grey crow. The black crow abruptly lunges towards the patch of Dietes Vegeta and rips the flowers out of the soft soil using its powerful talons. The grey crow thrusts itself into the air in an attempt to escape the wrath of the black crow. The black crow follows tenaciously. The black crow quickly picks up speed. The grey crow heads towards the next door neighbour. The black crow flies up into the air, disappearing peculiarly. The grey crow rests on the metal fence. The black crow reappears and charges at the grey crow. The larger crow impales the smaller crow on the metal fence. Its body goes straight through the metal. Blood slowly trickles down the fence like a leaking tap.

          Something caught my eye. A green, slim Frisbee lands in the row of Coleonema Pulchellum that acts as a fence for the front yard. A boy sprints over quickly to retrieve his toy. He turns his head furtively to make sure nobody is watching. He places his hand in the hedges and grabs his Frisbee. The hedge now has a large hole in the middle of it.                        

         A golden, stray dog with black stripes appears at the front door. The door is a brown rustic colour. It is made out of French Oak. The golden handle stands out. When the sun shines on it, it glistens brightly and has the ability to blind people if they stare at it for too long. With its sharp paws, the dog begins scratching fiercely, requesting food or accommodation. Obviously it won’t be let in because its shaggy body is full of dirt and little black fleas that are jumping around and feeding on its host.

           Opposite the door is a mysterious tree: Bougainvillea Glabra. It sits on bricks that ascend into the air and supports the roof. A black earth worm hangs from the Bougainvillea vine. The vine groans and yearns for rain. Its flowers are withering slowly.

          I hear a noise that does not belong to Mother Nature. It is coming closer like a cheetah advancing on its prey. A car slowly moves up onto the drive way. The Fisidens Adianthoides moss screeches in agony as the car rolls over it. It heads into the white garage, the “safe place” from Mother Nature.

          There are six windows in total in the front yard. They are always spying on our neighbors for no reason. The window is like a secret agent, always watching.      


Tony Vu 10N

You’re already gone

Do not remember me, I won’t care
You are but a grain of sand on a beach
An ocean in a glass, poured down the sink
If you see these attributes bare
I will have forgotten you already there

Sweet olive skin, almond eyes, an invite
I would miss your smile, miss you
Had not that moment you closed that door
Memories of you dissappeared from sight
Memories of you like dust in the night

I had love, I had commitment, passion
You were my world, were my lullaby
But fret not, if you leave me now
I won’t cry and weep in your remnant
But have my new life in the present


Sun shining, the world’s a cliché

Calling, the voids so entrancing

Everything’s precarious so they say

I’m aware now of what they pray


Just a moment, if you will indulge me

I’ve been losing sleep to the dark

It calls to the swinging vine of piety

Tremendous effort on my part I see


What can you say, so a mountain moves?

Sorry, a five letter word said too much

With a dash, a sweep, nothing to prove

To what effect am I expected slewed


Enemy in my shadow I see you too

Come to me now prudent pragmatist

For I have led and lied, but I see the truth

For I have led and lied, but I see the truth

A Late Night in Paris

A Late Night in Paris

Rushing rain runs down the river,
Night sky frowning, night of winter,
People, boats in Paris shiver,
Nights in Paris live for ever.
It isn’t always glamorous;
Congested crowds, the people go
To catch their breath, the wind blow
Across the bridge, and below,
A late night in Paris

Light reflects off river and sky,
Under the bridge the river lie
Of boat people gazing up high
To see Parisians walk by.
It isn’t always glamorous;
Tourists are targets for thieves to rob,
People are poor, there are no jobs!
Deadly riots of angry mobs,
A late night in Paris

Paris is a rainbow, they say,
Romance-filled morning, night and day,
Paris, like laughter, gleeful and gay
In the season of Spring, from March to May.
It isn’t always glamorous;
Menacing weather, sharp and cold,
Rising crime rates left uncontrolled,
Dark myths and secrets left untold,
A late night in Paris