Poem: “For Whom Does the Alarm Bell Toll?”

Good night 6 a.m.
From staying up way too late
From getting out of my bed as the sun
Comes down with my feet as they meet
The ground, the morning, reality

The first solid truth since I went to sleep
All those years ago comes to light in a
Lightless room in the morning of the
Afternoon as my feet come to meet
The ground, the afternoon, reality

Alive or just breathing?
Awake or still dreaming?
Is it morning or afternoon?
Am I late or is it soon?
The waking truth is that
At the centre of the clock is I
And at its rims is death
Circling without cessation
Ignorant of irrelevant time
He is waiting

For whom does the alarm bell toll?
I couldn’t care less;
I’m getting out of bed

Written for going to sleep at six in the morning and getting up at four in the afternoon.

Memories by Matthew Ung 9G

My earliest memories are parts of my life which are precious to me. I remember being a child, cradled in my mother’s arms. I could hear curtains ruffling softly. The curtains were off to the side and rays of light came beaming at me. I could see my mother, grasping at me, holding me tightly toward her chest. I remember my first memories of my mother. She looked as if she were an angel, covered in a shroud of light. I remember seeing her majestic face glowing with such radiance, it was as if I was gazing at the full moon. Her long black hair lay curled upon her shoulders. I remember my mother was brimming with youth and beauty. I recall on that day there lay a gentle smile on her face, a sight which I treasure for the rest of my life.

My mother places me gently into my crib an begins to walk away. I remember tears trickling down my face. I reached my hand out attempting to grab at my mother, only to grasp onto thin air. I watched as my mother’s shadow turns into nothingness. I hear the echoing of her footsteps turn into silence. Panicking, I jump out of my crib and crawl towards my mother. When I see her, I cry out, full of joy and happiness. I clutched onto her not letting go until I fell asleep. Now, I realise that my mother merely walked through the door toward the kitchen, which was the reason why I was unable to see or hear her.