Letter to the editor(continuation of Jason Li’s post)

The photos below are what was posted on MHS class of 2017 Facebook page. This is also what @jasonli was talking about in a previous post. I don’t think many people other than the 2016 yr 11 cohort have seen this so I’m posting this so people have a better idea of what Jason’s post is talking about.


Letter to the editor

Forgot to post this on the blog last semester.
Some background information- one member of the public had a letter published in The Age about students apparently not giving seats to elderly people on public transport so I sent one in which got published. This was on June 7 2016.

Standing up

As a  high school student, I  take the train to school each day.  On the rare occasions that I  occupy a seat, I always offer it to someone as soon as there are no longer seats available, as do most of my cohort.  Perhaps the problem lies  not with students but with “full fare paying adults” believing that they are as equally entitled to a seat as all other adults. Maybe we need larger signs or auditory aids to emphasise that some seats are to be vacated for those who need them more.


Exercises in Style: logical analysis,Edward Jin

Train platform. That’s the place.
7:30 in the morning. That’s the time
Power outage.
Train cancelled.
Train cancelled due to a power outage. That’s the situation.
Phone call. That is the action.
Words. That’s what was said.
Me. I am the main character.
Dad. He is the second character.
Driven to school. That’s the result.
I said my farewell and good bye to my dad. That’s the conclusion.
Logical conclusion.

The Forrest(Opening)


Opening Paragraph


The moon glittered on the earth surface like a sea of silver creating an illusion of warmth and safety. But what was hiding in the dark was much worse. Even though Tom had been to the forest many times and knew the place like the back of his hand but this time something was not right. There was an Erie silence in the forest, a bit too quite he thought. The forest was usually bombarded by the sounds of animals but today nothing, not even and owl or a cricket. Tom often came to the Forrest to relax,eat “nature’s” food and and just get away from the real world. But he felt more of an anxiety, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up he knew something was not right. He could feel like he is being watched, Tom was not like others humans, he could see things what others could not and hear things others can’t hear.

Wh0 am I?

The mind turns over and over,

Days go by and by without a sign,

I ponder, question, think about my life,

What am I doing? What is the point of going on?


Then I think, pause, think again,

I am a person not an object.

The sun goes up, the sun goes down

But everyday is a new day- wait is that a cliche?


I love my family, I love my friends, I love all the people in my life,

Love- such strong word, but such a right one too;


[To be continued…]

By: Ashane De Silva 11J



I’m a doctor, not a…

Today’s meeting will be about who we are. I thought we’d do this icebreaker using Dr. McCoy’s catch phrase from the original Star Trek. I have prepared name tags for this purpose.

Now try writing about who you are using Docs Demo. Here’s an example of something I did just now.  Have a play with this.