Writing Competitions last updated June 30 2015
Maintained regularly by Joseph Nguyen. 

As part of the Melbourne High School (MHS) Competition Writing Group, you are required to submit two pieces to competitions per semester.

Here’s a list of a few competitions that are suitable for students and have their deadlines within the next few months that you can look into doing for fulfilling the requirements.

If you’ve found a competition of interest and has not been listed, please comment below and it’ll be added to the list.

Other links to note are:

The Aust. Writers Resource Competitions list:
The MHS Libguides Writing also has a list of competitions:


External Competitions:



July 10: Brimbank Writers Awards (Multiple categories, open to Brimbank Council area residents only- various categories-free entry)

July 31: Mental Health Foundation Victoria Schools Creative Writing Competition (Grades 5-12, multiple categories, theme of Mental Health-free entry)
1000 words Poem/Short Story on “When you hear the words mental health, what comes to mind?”

August 29: Booroondara Literary Awards (Multiple categories, open to Booroondara Council area residents only- various categories. – free entry)
Short story and poetry for various age groups

August 31: Hilarie Lindsay Young Writers Short Story Competition (Open to Australian school students from Yr 4 up- $2 entry fee, prizes up to $150)

Click to access HL_Comp_Details.pdf

1500-2500 words depending on age group



3 thoughts on “Competitions”

  1. Thanks for maintaining this, Joseph. Great job! I think we will be less strict about the 2 competitions per semester, although we do encourage members to keep an eye out for competitions and enter some.


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