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Title prompt: Surprise of Dawn, Edward Jin 12N

Author’s note: the writing prompt was to choose or generate a random title and base your piece on the word you get. My title was “Surprise of Dawn”. I hope you like my piece!!


It jumps out of nothing, from the depths of the past it bounds out of its dark curtains and drags with it new possibilities. The echoes of the previous day disappear and another takes its place. The clock keeps turning, following the trails of time as it runs, and runs, about to reach its destination. A dull glow shines in the distance, becoming brighter the closer it gets, and when it does, a sudden jump! The sun takes its baton and leaps off the ground, amongst the cheers of the roosters’ call. It’s the start of a new day.

The people wake up from their innocent slumber and see the sight before them. They wonder what today will be like. No one knows what it contains, but it is mesmerising, and fills you with expectation and excitement, like a child about to open their first gift. It’s a jack in the box, ready to spring out, give all people a shock.

Such is the surprise of dawn.


Writing prompt: I envy… -Edward Jin 12N

Writing prompt: write 10 lines, each line starting with the words, I envy…

I envy those that have warmth
I envy those with company
I envy those who have a family
I envy those that have friends
I envy those that are happy
I envy those that are sad
I envy those with emotions
I envy those that have time to do what they want
I envy those who don’t have the same job as I
I envy those who have enough time to sigh
I envy everyone, because they don’t pick up souls for a living.

The Pool, Edward Jin

Come, child, come,
Come and dive inside.
Dive into its infinite depths,
And you shall find what you seek.
The thing in front of you,
Is the greatest thing to have existed in
The history of humanity.

It is something of infinite depth,
And man has been drawing from it,
For as long they can remember.
They can’t do anything without it,
And neither can you.

It has done many a thing in history.
It has brought many to prominence,
And many to damnation.
It has given birth to thinkers, believers,
Makers, explorers, innovators, researchers.

It is omniscient, all knowing.
There is nothing it cannot answer,
As long as you look for it,
And have the patience to do so.

So, what is this thing you ask?
Why, it is the pool of knowledge, of course.

Now come, child, come and dive inside,
But try not to drown.

Bookmark, Edward Jin

A few sessions ago, we watched a scene from the matrix where the MC chooses the pill. We were then tasked to write a creative piece about that scene. I chose to go about it differently, and decided to make this bookmark. We write in order to create, but we also need to read, to find new ideas amongst the ones already realised. I hope this bookmark I designed will help you in your endeavours to find some inspiration for your writing.

To get this bookmark, just download the scanned image in this post and print it out. Afterwards, fold the sheet of paper into sixths (each of the images is one side of the bookmark, use the edges to help guide your folding), then tape the edges to stop it from unfolding and you’re done.


Writing prompt, Edward Jin

author note: this is a writing prompt I did some time ago, but kept forgetting to post onto the blog, haha. Anyway,I hope you enjoy. The prompt is a man walks into a bar and sees…


A man walks into a bar and sees the floor covered in corpses. No, corpses wasn’t the correct term, you could hear some people moaning and trying to get up. I see, there was a brawl just now and immediately following that thought was no! I arrived too late. I want a part in this. An ordinary, sane man would not usually have these kinds of thoughts but because he had been outright rejected at a job interview today, he wanted to direct his anger that was still simmering inside of him, even now. He had come here to this pub which he used to frequent in his university days where he could forget today and drown himself in some alcohol. Unfortunately, the scene before him meant that he could not come here today.

Sighing, the man turned around and left.

Letter to the editor(continuation of Jason Li’s post)

The photos below are what was posted on MHS class of 2017 Facebook page. This is also what @jasonli was talking about in a previous post. I don’t think many people other than the 2016 yr 11 cohort have seen this so I’m posting this so people have a better idea of what Jason’s post is talking about.