A Comprehensive History of Harmony: Volume 4 (The Emerald Isles), Chapter 13 (Early Medieval Era)

The art of cloudmaking is ancient, unimaginably old. The knowledge of the art was first introduced to the Free Peoples of The Emerald Isles by the Monks of the 14th Chapter of the Way of Harmony. The Popularist School of Harmony was instrumental in their teachings as they preached that anyone, not just those who had reached Enlightenment through the accumulation of karma.

By the end of the last aftershocks of Great Plague, during the reign of the 44th Lord Provost, only one Abbot remained to teach this art; all other monks had fled the Isles for the New World.

The Last Abbot’s name was Han Storgen, and his last apprentice, the one responsible for the revival of the Way in the Isles was known as Thorgen. Here follow some poems composed by the Abbot in his last year of Abbothood, in the year 420.

“Higher than the peaks

Fly the clouds

One must learn

To live in harmony with all things

Learn the ways of Cloudmaking.”

“To bend and make the clouds

Is to bring serenity and tranquility to one’s heart.”



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