Writing Prompt 28/04

You are on a train in a tunnel, heading towards the city to be trained as a Emergency Medical Technician (you are fairly into your training already) but you feel the train shake under your feet and everyone in the train is lurched forward as the train careers off the rails and smashing afainst the wall. You somehow survive with no injuries, but many others are injured, help will most likely arrive in a day or two. Describe what you do next.


The train stops and my book flew out of my hand and into the seat in front of me, my face following it promptly, my nose taking the brunt of the blow. Then it lurched out beneath me as it fell down onto the ditch next to the rails, the trees stopping the train going any further. The drinks cart flew down the hallway, bashing into the ordered seats on the side.

The train had derailed, and the screams of a hundred different passengers echoed down it’s two long, twisting hallways that formed its carriages. With a final lurch, the train fell to it’s final resting place.

I look up, I stand up, I wobble, I straighten. I look outside- the vast green landscape tilted to the left. I step the person sitting next to me, unconcious in their chair, and I know what needs to be done.


Alex J


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