The Dark Side

The familiar suffocating buzz you listen to day and night.

Provoking fights,
stealing rights,
creating unneeded sights,
whispering in your ear that you are at unreachable heights.

All lies,
deliberately told to earn them the profit,
with no man, no soul,
attempting to even stop it.

Telling you relentless,
no matter if you are penniless,
to point your spears at those who are homeless,
Those who experienced the shadow of humanity,
Those who lost their former lives and left friendless.

You fail to notice,
The vicious thorns that entangle your heart each time their empty, lifeless words enter your ear.
Slowly corroding your mind and soul, until you are no more than a disposable puppet,
Whose only worth is to preach the words of the true culprit .

The exaggerated headlines,
Claiming the biggest threat is a small group capable of bringing insignificant terror,
But not mentioning the cruel dictator with his arsenals of war is their crucial error.

You convince yourself that you control your own hands and knee,
just as a bird trapped in a birdcage thinks it is free.

You’ve been taught in your youth that they speak only the truth,
that they have all the knowledge in the world in their grasp.
They fool you into believing they take no sides,
but hiding under the wall of text are their secret agendas.

they do whatever is necessary to earn them the sums,
Diverting attention from the cries of the slums,
Whilst exaggerating the war on violence and guns.

People are blinded by what is presented to them,
Trusting every word without a doubt,
Not even questioning the bull they spout.

They, who have no real power strike not with weapons, but with words,
As ‘It is not power that corrupts but fear.’

I wish to see a day and age where humanity stand side-by-side,
Not in conflict but United.
But in an era where THEY dominate,
Such dreams can only be dreams.

We are surrounded by darkness,
no light in sight and nothing bright to guide us through the eternal night.

But with us all standing together with conflict left far behind,
just maybe, we will live to once again witness the rise of a new ever-lasting dawn.


Firdavis Xireaili 9H


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