Writing prompt, Edward Jin

author note: this is a writing prompt I did some time ago, but kept forgetting to post onto the blog, haha. Anyway,I hope you enjoy. The prompt is a man walks into a bar and sees…


A man walks into a bar and sees the floor covered in corpses. No, corpses wasn’t the correct term, you could hear some people moaning and trying to get up. I see, there was a brawl just now and immediately following that thought was no! I arrived too late. I want a part in this. An ordinary, sane man would not usually have these kinds of thoughts but because he had been outright rejected at a job interview today, he wanted to direct his anger that was still simmering inside of him, even now. He had come here to this pub which he used to frequent in his university days where he could forget today and drown himself in some alcohol. Unfortunately, the scene before him meant that he could not come here today.

Sighing, the man turned around and left.

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