Blog Post: 07/10/16: Darsh Chauhan

We have been instructed to write a post on this block today. I am unsure of what topic to cover in this post. Andre, one of the leaders, has offered to give a prompt to those members who are stuck as to what to write about. I need a prompt but then I want to give myself the credit for the idea that I come up with for this post. So thanks for your kind offer Andre, but I will pass today.

Looks like Reagan has just come in. I believe he owes myself and Alex a bag of Flanno’s cookies. They are famous around the school for their taste and value. But unfortunately, Reagan has forgotten to give me the cookies. I am encouraging him to return to Mr Flannagan’s office but it looks like he cannot be bothered. He says he’ll give us cookies for this post. Well once this post is up, I’ll be looking forward to those cookies.

Ashane, the group leader, has said that the person with the most views of a post by the end of the year will be given five dollars. Five dollars! I could do a lot of things with that much money.

I’m still trying to find something interesting to write to pass the time. I have table tennis tonight. I am looking forward to table tennis. My current writing ‘style’ reminds me of one WIG meeting where Edward introduced us to a form of writing where everything was written from a dull, logical perspective. Perhaps I am sounding dull now. Perhaps I am not.

There are now fifteen minutes left in this session. I believe I’ve done a reasonably good job so far. If you are reading this, please come and visit this piece over and over again so I get more views so I get the five dollars at the end of the year. I’m returning to that dull perspective again. Oh no. Oh god.

This is disastrous. I feel a burning sensation slowly overcoming my body, paralysing me, limb by limb. Perhaps I will die a slow and sudden death. Perhaps it will be over soon.

See, that’s more exciting, isn’t it? But it does take more effort. Ten minutes left now. Next I have geography with a substitute teacher. We have to continue working on our assignment but most people will probably play games. I need to work in that assignment though. Well, we’ll see what happens.

Looks like it’s time to go now. Please give me views. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Goodbye for now.


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