The Matrix – Remade

Just a thing we were doing in the meeting


Jason woke up feeling suffocated, before realising he was submerged. Panic surged through him as he swam upwards to the small bit of light that he could see. His head almost broke the surface before he was painfully yanked downwards. He frantically flailed his arms and realised a series of cables trapped him, and a large metal chord seemed to have attached itself to his chest. He kicked away the cables, rapidly running out of air, at the same time trying to yank the chord off his chest. Pain surged through his body as the chord disconnected with a sickening pop that left an angry red scar. Now free, and almost out of oxygen, Jason kicked his way tot he surface. He broke the surface panting heavily, holding onto a steel beam above him. Finally able to observe his surroundings, Jason saw that he was in a glass, egg-shaped capsule filled with water, a narrow slit between the roof and the capsule.


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