Matrix, Truth, Reality, Identity, Morpheus and me

Reagan showed us a couple of clips from the matrix. I decided to put myself in Neo’s shoes.

Morpheus stared at me. “The red pill, or the blue pill, Alex.”
I stared at Morpheus. “Is there a purple pill?”
“A purple pill?”
“Yeah, a purple pill.” I said. “I’m allergic to red dye. Or a green one, I’m not that fussy.”
“So you want the red pill?” Morpheus asked.
“I want to not have an anaphylactic shock.” I replied.
“This world isn’t real, Alex. You won’t get an anaphylactic shock.” Morpheus asked.
“The world isn’t real, Morpheus, so why don’t I shoot myself in the head?”
“It’s not the same.” Morpheus said.
“It’s exactly the same.” I said, unimpressed.
“Take the bloody pill, Alex.” Morpheus said.
“Take the bloody gun, Morpheus.”


By Alex Joshi 10D


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