The Forrest(Opening)


Opening Paragraph


The moon glittered on the earth surface like a sea of silver creating an illusion of warmth and safety. But what was hiding in the dark was much worse. Even though Tom had been to the forest many times and knew the place like the back of his hand but this time something was not right. There was an Erie silence in the forest, a bit too quite he thought. The forest was usually bombarded by the sounds of animals but today nothing, not even and owl or a cricket. Tom often came to the Forrest to relax,eat “nature’s” food and and just get away from the real world. But he felt more of an anxiety, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up he knew something was not right. He could feel like he is being watched, Tom was not like others humans, he could see things what others could not and hear things others can’t hear.


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