Australia’s gun laws have failed speech

A rough speech outlining why stricter gun laws will not work in USA


The main reason that Australia’s gun laws have failed is that the number of violent acts have not decreased and Australia is not a much safer place to live with the gun laws as it was before. Violence is not determined by what weapons are available but if the person has serious intent to kill or maim somebody. In 2011 when another of the many gun control arguments was happening in America an article was published called “America, don’t repeat Australia’s gun-control mistake.” This is aptly titled as statistics show that although the number of suicides done with a firearm decreased after the tighter laws the total number of suicides stayed around the same and even increased in the three years after the new laws in 1996. Australia has also not seen dramatic improvements in safety. Opponents claim that the gun laws have reduced deaths by firearm in Australia but this is not a valid argument. Although the number of suicides by firearm decreased total suicides stayed the same and even worse, by 2008 there was a decrease of 9% in homicides but an increase of 40% in assaults and 20% in sexual assaults. Australia’s gun laws have clearly failed and introduction of similar restrictions in the USA may have many negative implications.

Furthermore, gun laws only take guns out of the law abiding citizen’s hands and leave them defenceless to criminals who have guns. Currently in America to buy a gun you need to register your personal details and have a background check to buy and own a gun. Not allowing citizens to buy guns only leaves those who have always obtained guns illegally. In 1999 there were 117 homicides which involved use of a firearm and of these only 9.4% or 11 were with a registered gun. All other homicides were carried out with an unregistered firearm. A more recent set of statistics from 2002 to 2003 over 85% homicides were with the use of an unregistered firearm and from 2006-2007 this figure had gone up to 93%. If stricter gun laws such as a ban were to be implemented in America guns may become even more out of control and result in more murders with no registered evidence of who carried it out. It is also claimed that strict gun laws reduce the number of terrorist attacks. Just look at the Sydney Siege a couple of years ago. Guns obtained illegally. Look at Paris! Gunmen armed with ak-47 automatic rifles, all illegal. The only way to stop black market trade is make regulate the sale and importation of the item, in this case guns. If all ports are regulated by the government black market trade would be significantly reduced.

Australia’s gun laws have clearly failed and not done what was intended. Now you might be wondering how this ties back to America. Implementation of stricter gun laws will increase violence and crime rates in USA. That is, if they even get implemented. Prime minister at the time John Howard got all 6 states (6 not including ACT and TAS) to agree to stricter gun laws in only 12 days. If a president in America tried to reform gun laws it would be unlikely. For one there are 50 states in the USA, more than 8 times the number in Australia.
Another reason as to why even if steps were taken to reform gun laws is that with the Australian situation there was a massacre, The Port Arthur massacre where 35 people were gunned down by a single person. This was such a shock that the nation was in overwhelming support of stricter gun laws. In America however, the gun debate has been argued many times and no major reform has happened. In 2007 there were 2 large massed shootings, one which killed 32 and another which killed 27. It is morbid to say so but with them occurring every other day massed shootings have become almost normal. Only a mass shooting with several hundreds or thousands may sway the opinion on guns. Other mass shootings are simply not big enough of a shock and do not have such an impact that the nation will have strict gun laws sweep across it like australia decades ago.

Jason Li

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