Finding the inspiration to continue

There are many reasons that we start writing something. But personally, what I really want to be able to do is continue stories. Having an elaborate story that you can build, up follow through, and develop characters and plot in a slower manner is personally an important ability as well. Honestly, the real reason I want to be able to do it is so I can remember my dreams, which might silly, but most of my longer dreams are nightmares and I find it relaxing to write out what happened. Along with this, when I think back to the dreams I can remember, I think they had some seriously epic story lines. Dreams that came and left on a whim, so when I do remember them, a sense of nostalgia passes by, with a shock going through my body. I find that to be my greatest inspiration to write, that is, to write away fear. And nowadays when I think back to those that I started, they remind me of a cool story, and it’s one that I wish I could finish, to clear up my thoughts.


One thought on “Finding the inspiration to continue”

  1. Writing out your stories is life work. Where does it go if you don’t write it out? Does it exist? Has it ever? I think writing out dreams/nightmares means you have so much fodder for your writing. Is writing therapy?


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