Tom enters his room and slumps into his desk chair. With a loud sigh, Tom logs on to his computer. After a long day of scamming people of their money online, he was looking forward to the weekend.

Tom’s computer screensaver appears and double clicks the internet icon. Logging on to his email, a bright message displays the words, ‘One new email’. Tom raises an eyebrow, wondering the contents of what the new email contained. Before opening the email, the virtual letter was titled with a, “DO NOT OPEN”. He thought to himself, ‘Why would someone send an email that states, do not open?’ Puzzled, Tom desperately tried to ignore the bold letters that contained what could be, the most terrifying thing he may witness. However, after many attempts of focusing the mind on some other interest, Tom finds himself staring at the email once again, titled ‘DO NOT OPEN’. Sat there, deep in thought, Tom reaches for his mouse and hovers over the email icon. “This is stupid,” mutters Tom. He proceeds to open up the email.

At first, the page seemed blank. Tom laughs as he got himself so nervous over the consequences that he thought he would have faced. Scrolling down, a worrying picture of an aged skull with a black backdrop seemed to be enlarging itself. Tom looked again, much more closely to see if his eyes were deceiving him. At that time, the image slowly covered the computer screen and leaked out of the screen. Engulfing the bedroom walls, floor and anything else in the room. Tom ran for the door, only for the door to be locked. Oddly, his door never received a lock. The eerie sound of a cackle and the clanking of chains filled the room with the skull close to engulfing Tom, who by now was curled up in a ball and was completely afraid of what was now transpiring. The skull only grew in size, and the entire room was filled with a deafening supernatural shrill.

A knock on the bedroom door, was given no response. Jonathan entered Tom’s room, wondering where Tom had been for the past 12 hours. The room was immaculate and the computer turned on. Burned into the screensaver, Jonathan made a passing remark about how the man running from a skeleton strongly resembled Tom.

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