Boxing Should be Banned

Boxing has been a sport even since the ancient Olympics. However, boxing directly promotes sexism and is the only sport which promotes violence and thus with one of the highest death rates. This sport is detrimental to the participants, the families and modern society. Boxing should be permanently banned as it is no longer the era of the Ancient Greeks where physical prowess is admired.

The sport of boxing is a direct promotion of sexism; a notion which was highly prominent in the time of the sport’s origin of the ancient Olympics. Boxing is among the most sexist sports which are legal and publically broadcasted. It is a sport which claims that women spectators are attracted to the men showing off their physicality. This stereotype may have been accurate in the sport’s invention; ancient Romans with their colosseums. It is now the twenty-first century and modern day women who are much better educated would want to not be involved with those who take part in the barbaric sport. This so called sport has no place in modern society and should be banned.

Boxing promotes and requires one side to deliberately attack and brutally maim the opposition. Boxing is the single sport where two people fight in a ring and are paid money for how much they can maim and knock their opponent out unconscious. Unlike other sports such as soccer where a red card may be given and the player suspended for violence; boxers are paid even more for more brutal acts of violence and knocking out the other person. Australian society is trying to remove violence and if they hope to succeed paying people to attack each other needs to be banned.

With a consistently high mortality rate boxing rips many families apart. Every time a boxer steps into a ring he will exit with brain damage. Every hit taken to the head damages the brain slightly and this damage builds up until the effects are felt suddenly. Injuries can also occur instantly; one example is the “knockout punch” which is the goal of the sport. This is a hit that aims to knock the other competitor unconscious. Studies have shown that boxing leads to long term brain damage and can increase risk of illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease.  In another study there were three hundred and thirty nine mortalities between 1950 and 2007. This number is only the deaths of professional boxers and does not count the grief of their families. Banning this brutal sport would equal the end of all the needless suffering and death.

Although the disadvantages of boxing are obvious it may be argued that boxing is an honoured and ancient sport. Many argue that boxing was even an Olympic sport when the Olympics first stared in ancient Greece. However, as stated before boxing was created by ancient Romans who used slaves as boxers and masses of people watched the slaves fight for entertainment. Boxing is merely reminding the world of the now illegal practise of slaving. In ancient Greece many wars were occurring and times were unstable. Now is an age of prosperity and there is no need to prove physical prowess through being paid to attack another person in a ring. It is no longer ancient Greece where boxing was widely practised. Boxing needs to be banned in our sophisticated society.

Any sport which is a direct promotion of sexism and unnecessary violence has been banned or simply does not exist other than boxing. Boxing is the cause of hundreds of deaths annually and although was once honoured in ancient Greece; it is the twenty-first century and it is time for this barbaric sport to be banned in our contemporary society.


One thought on “Boxing Should be Banned”

  1. Absolutely. Boxing is too violent to be classify as a sport. It is a direct bodily harm which carries a long term effect. It is as bad as dog fight and cock fight. Boxing is a primitive form of gladiator. It is inhumane.

    For women, thanks to sexism in boxing, it is a gain not a loss for female gender.

    How do we organize together to ban boxing as a sport? We also need to educate boxers too that the consequence to their health can be devastating.

    Muhammad Ali can never be a healthy man again. Perhaps, he can be a spokesperson who leads the effort to ban boxing.


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