Adrenaline And Survival

Life, a simple thing,

I can almost hear the bells ring.

Distraught vision, dizzy head. The feeling of being nearly dead.

Every movement hurts. Just need to crawl a few more inches.

Breathing heavy, reaching forward.

Trying to find anything at all.  A snarl, a scream. Just need to move forward.

Pain in the body, no strength to  move forward.

Must make it, there is no faking it.

Foggy sky, moist air.  Life is not fair.

Persevere through these final moments.

Eyesight failing, Breathing slowing, still moving forward.

My hand, four fingers. Life ebbing away.

Final struggle, no more crawling, dragging, resistance.

Trees shaking, a gust of cold wind sweeps over.

Time has run out. The final breath.

Say goodnight, you have been left for dead.

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