The nature of humans by Matthew Ung

Humans are the most selfish species currently inhabiting the Earth. They have bred well beyond their means, squandered precious resources and endangered their fellow animals, yet still they desire more. They desire wealth and would sacrifice the lives of other species for luxuries they do not deserve. What makes humanity greater than animals? Is it their intelligence? I believe that intelligence is the only trait that makes humanity different from other species, however merely because humanity is more intelligent does not give them the right to atrociously treat other species. If there was a person who had a mental disability, would you treat them any worse? Humans grasp at a perfect world of equality, yet speciesism is still prominent throughout society. Why do our ideals of equality exclude other animals? How would we feel if we were treated like how we treat our animals? Our very existence would be devoted to being consumed. We would live futile lives.


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