The crash

Something had suddenly triggered an explosion from the front of the corridor, presumably near the control room. The blast had sent of a sudden violent jolt that vibrated throughout the entire plane and fear was soon spread among the passengers of the plane; infants broke into tears as they screamed for protection in their voice for the comfort of their parents. The distress among those young voices, sounded like sirens and the screeching that only grew harsher and louder.

The plane descended and twisted without warning, a sickening feeling of this sudden dreadful event was clutching my guts for comfort. I was in my seat with my seat belt secure, whilst it had caused many to unexpectedly stagger down the corridor; some had fortunately managed to clutch onto seats whilst those of unfortunate continued down the corridor, where the fuselage no longer existed but of emptiness revealed the menacing blue ocean deep below awaiting for their arrival.

The plane head now spun one-eighty degrees as it now faces the clear blue sky. There was no anticipation as to when the sudden impact of hitting the water surface will be. As anxiety grew, I recalled a brief video played earlier to inform passengers in many different dangerous scenarios; one of which was an orange life vest that can be found under every seat. With a stretch under my seat, I found what I was looking for. I fumbled to release my seatbelt and hastily put the life vest, then clicked the seat belt back into place.
Soon there was an impact upon the surface of the ocean and all was lost under the sea.

In the deep blue ocean, I struggled to release myself from my seat, and when I finally did, it felt like I was ascending into heaven, where god awaits for me at the top, a bright light of haven lay above the surface of the water, or rather, I was floating my way past the rows of seats of innocent victims out of the plane and eventually, I found myself out of peril and I was breathing again. I took a deep breath and dived back into the chill of the ocean in an attempt to save others, but the plane had already sunk into darkness, out of sight. I floated back to the surface and found comfort of a large piece of the plane’s debris where I seated upon.

Days drifted past at the only sight of the vast ocean. For days I shivered in coldness and I seldom stumbled upon the luck of a sea turtle or a reckless fish swimming so close to me that I can catch easily. I wondered when hope will finally greet me as my chances of survival were diminishing.

Then one day, that day, was when I had heard a familiar sound of something chopping through the air, and I found myself staring at three helicopters flying towards me to my rescue.
I am, the lone survivor of the plane crash, owe my life to the passengers of that flight and therefore, I have decided to spend the rest of my life to help rescue further endangered lives.


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