See the light

See the light inside you.
Feel the warmth that is there;
Throw out sad feelings
And keep happy thoughts.

See the sunshine everyday:
Don’t feel small and unimportant.
Don’t live in a dark and dirty corner;
Be the light inside you and sparkle.

Shadows are a part of you
You can’t get rid of them.
Accept them and see them as a guiding torch
In your darkest moments

Stand up and look ahead
Face your problems in the eyes
Run away and you lose,
Be the pillar that stays strong.

There are always dark cloudy days,
You can see the negativity in the air
But remember there is always light
Ahead in the dark and stormy tunnel.

Life is a puzzle that should be played,
Enjoy every step of the way.
Don’t be swayed by uneven blocks
Be the light in the dark.


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