What a twist!

“You’re wasting your time,” he spat as blood trickled down his chin. “Assault me all you want. I told you this once already, I ain’t rattin’ out my friends.” He was in the air, suspended by chains that wrapped around his wrists. There was a crew of men in front of him. They all had various weapons, tools and other means of torturing him. He had been going through this for three days. He was covered in his own blood by this point, but his resolve remained strong: protect his friends and crew. “Now get bent!””If you would just cooperate, we wouldn’t have to take such extreme measures,” their leader said. The prisoner couldn’t help but grin.

“Well, pardon me for wanting to protect those I care about.” Suddenly, he was struck across the cheek with a wooden club. The prisoner yelped in pain and shock.

The leader seemed to be losing his patience. “We’re running out of time. Where are they?” he asked, glaring at the prisoner before him. “Don’t test me. You aren’t going to win by stalling.”

“Bite me!” the prisoner yelled as he spit out a tooth. “I’m prepared to die before I rat out my loved ones!”

“Oh, you won’t be dying. You’ll be meeting a fate much worse than that.” A sadistic grin snuck upon the leader’s face. “Your last moments will be filled with agony and screaming while your so called ‘friends’ will sob at how stubborn you were. I could let you go, but you’ve wasted too much time.”

“Ah, well. It was my choice to make.” The prisoner laughed before adding, “Hey, if you kill me now, I can at least get everyone’s rooms ready down in Hell.”

“You damn bastard… We’re running out of time. Where are they?”

“You ain’t getttin’ an answer.”



“Where are they?!”

“Try asking nicely!”



“We’re almost out of time. Where are they?”

“Hahahaha…don’t you see? You’re already out of time.” The prisoner gave a pained laugh. “You’ve already wasted it all on me…”

Gritting his teeth, the leader punched the prisoner with all his might. “That’s not true! If we send our best men now, they might marginally make it before–”

“Before the bomb explodes?” The prisoner never lost his grin. “Before this entire nation gets blown to smithereens? Lemme tell ya, I ain’t some dumbass. We wouldn’t have planted those bombs if we weren’t prepared for a situation like this?”

“Wait–there’s more than one?!”

“Life’s a bitch, ain’t it?”

“Do you know how many innocent people you’re going to kill?!”

“Yep,” the prisoner said. A puddle of blood was beneath him. All of the guards who had been previously hurting him were now looking around and chattering nervously. Even the leader was beginning to swear. “I bet we could make a lake with all that blood.”

“You bastard… Why are you and your friends doing this to us?” the leader questioned, infuriated.

“Because we can…ha…”


“I win, you torturing bastards.”


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