Tsunami Anxiety – Ashane De Silva 10K

Silent. The waters on which you float,
So still, so serene, so soothing and remote;
Mind drifts away, in sweet complacency,
Self indulges, seeks permanent vacancy.

Shift. A sudden shift, not too severe-
Yet enough clout of a jolt of fear,
Tingles in the toes, shivers down the spine-
A draw back in attention, is this a sign?

Slash! A crashing wave of residing thoughts
encumbers the mind, entwines self knots,
Heart skips a beat- chest thumps louder,
Shorten does breath- paralysis grows prouder…
Blast- do the questions ever deceiving
Bludgeon- do the worries never leaving
Beat- do the doubts circling round and round
Bash- do the uncertainties running self to ground…
Drowning is the mind- deeper and deeper,
Soul going nowhere, trapped like a prisoner
Thoughts are mosquitos sucking life out of self,
Hope sinks further- into waters set like shelf…

Splash! Head egresses, charged with aggression,
Endless efforts, now a salvaged solution,
Hustling, bustling- storming for normality,
Urging is self, fighting for finality…

Slump. Self invulnerable at last- whipped and wet,
Away from the worries, the doubts, the pain,
For now. As the cataclysm may come again-
but when? Whenever- but the fightback is set.

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