Lost love (free verse poem) by Matthew Ung 10E

When I was with her I was like a child frolicking happily around the park
She was the sun rising high above the horizon, lighting up my day
Her eyes were pure, majestic like the moon shining radiantly in the sky
I reminisce when we were once together
When I lay curled, comforted under her embrace
But now that she is gone, I am alone without a friend

Now that she is gone, only the pitch black night surrounds me
The sun no longer rises above the horizon
I am a flower without the sun
I am a husband without a wife

Waves of anguish crash over me
Only the deep abyss of the ocean surrounds me
Oxygen begins to seep out
I am without the sustenance to keep me alive
I am drowning, drowning of the sorrow which is overwhelming me

I drift to shore
The water begins to recede from my lungs
The world begins to spin once more
I gaze at the sun in the distance
The sun is once more beginning to slowly rise above the horizon

The the bright ball of fire once again shines in the sky
The rays of light rejuvenates the flower
The withering flower begins to return to its former glory
The flower once again starts to bloom

I now have light in a world once devoid of light
But, I know that the sun will never return to the radiance which it once possessed
I will never stop grieving of the day I lost her
I will always remember her


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