Rewritten story from Friday in ‘Noble’ style

The ‘Noble’ style in the book seemed to use words that were sometimes overly complex without necessity, and made the simple recount appear to be a Legendary story. It also often referenced medieval times.

In the Feast Hall, during High tea, a young chap, perhaps of ten years old, was ingesting a specialty in the region: steamed pork and hardened milk sandwich, or as the people of the future would know it, a ‘ham and cheese sandwich’. His outer garment was too tightly pressed on his inner, with the whitened cloth of his torso stalking through the gaps his iron ore buttons formed. Young squires of the third battalion paced the royal corridors, uttering sounds from mouth to mouth while feasting on roasted Quail. One of the Squires accelerated in velocity and thrashed against the scapular of the young chap, who was entitled Wilbert.

That’s all I managed to write.

Andre Martinovici 10J


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