Exercises in style piece- Jason Li 10L

The style I tried to use was the onomatopoeia. I feel like I needed a few more onomatopoeias.

Raucous in the dining hall. Zing! A button flies off a blazer too tight but still done up. The possibly year 10 student wearing the blazer is chomping away at a possibly ham and cheese sandwich. Sounds of shoes clapping away as students blabber and enjoy their own sandwiches. Crash! Somebody smashes into the aforementioned student knocking his lunch to the floor. The student gasps and turns to shout but the culprit already zipped away. Squelch, splat, squish, the sandwich is already obliterated under the thundering feet of students rushing to class. “Pfft,” the student swears under his breath. Sighing, he goes over to a friend hoping to get some sympathy.

Two hours later he is daydreaming about defending himself against the events that just happened. The teachers monotone voice calls out his name twice. The second time he groans as he is slapped out of his dream and replies groggily ‘Pardon Sir?’

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