MHS activities… Regrets…

Sensation. One by one they lurk within me, the neurons of the sensation of regret. A rather chilly and blustery April night it is, and these obnoxious neurons mildly loom, yet ever so consistently. Perhaps one February day they impulsively loom ever so belligerently, and another so serenely, like tonight.

The journey of seizing opportunities to co-curricular activities at my forthcoming to Melbourne High School has not been fulfilled. Despite immersing myself in a number of these privileges engulfed in jingoism, ebullience and ecstasy, I wish to declare many more activities that I wish to immerse myself into. Why am I not in them? Do not ask.

Debating… jetzt drei Jahre. Sorry,  ‘three years now’ I meant. I’ve recently been teaching myself to think in German in order to improve my German – not a bad idea hey? Well, snapping back to reality… Three years have I chickened out of debating. Debating – such a marvellous privilege that I progressively decide to discard! Oh, I cherish those names in the 2013 year book associated with FULL COLOURS for… DEBATING. This applies to my current Mathematical Methods tutor… A legend of a man who grasped every opportunity available during his MHS journey. And now it’s been three years that I had been so elegantly adjacent to selling myself to book a tryout, then last-minute reconsidering to shun. Why? I’m stupid… What to do for next year?????

Singers – such a renowned audition choir! Year 9 – joined Unicorns late so couldn’t audition. Year 10 – audition failed. Year 11 – FORGOT to attend an audition. What a joke. What else must I say? Now that the choral conductor has claimed to me that Unicorns is ‘full’, there is no way back. Ugh…

Musical – Maybe not know… But WHYYY not in year 9 and 10? I could’ve done effervescently sung on stage while ebulliently mingling with the lovely ladies. An awful lot of effort, time and work I am aware, although that doesn’t form an excuse not to get involved in my junior years. Regrets! And yes, by now you are reinstating to yourself the knack of pessimism that overruns this piece… You know how I feel aye.

The months go on, and what else am I looking for? Well, today I did attend economics club and book club with my name recorded. That’s a start… nevertheless… CONSISTENCY, I beg for your forgiveness! Somany other clubs have failed to respire in the midst of my presence. Philosophy association, reptiles and amphibians, political interest group, heritage club… Eh the list goes on.

Oh and also, the French horn is decreasingly looming away from my interest due to the stripping of time. Nevertheless, I wish to be in orchestra and Tattum Band! Gotta work harder or what? Time is time. Life goes on then.

Many more will inevitably fly past, however the best way I am able to approach this is to implement Mad-Eye Moody’s “Constant vigilance” to the bulletin, and perhaps interaction with the figurative heads of those clubs. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!


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