An April Night

To whom it may concern,

As the abyss of time inevitably drags me further away from youth and closed to the unstoppable misery of death, I have decided amid utmost spontaneous ness to write somewhat of an ‘auto-biography’ of myself, reflecting on the past, present and future.

My name is Akarin Siriamphone, and here I am, – sitting behind the computer screen, fingers frolicking upon the keyboard, on the last Sunday night of the term 1 holidays. I am currently a 16-year-old high school student studying at the prestigious Melbourne High School, a privileged set bent on optimism at its highest as well as plights of egotism and discomfort, which I had never predicted beyond my forth coming.

The past is the past. My first two years at Melbourne High School unravelled much effervescence and chauvinism, yet much gloom and dismay. Regardless of how precocious, sociable, sporty or musical I may have been, I must admit that this journey has illuminated me to extend beyond reach. The social environment deluged me in such an overwhelming manner, throwing me off the edge of my optimistic expectations. I lived out why Jekyll and Hyde described, “I was living in a world of grey each day, just like the one before…” – being the unique misfit I was, MHS annihilate my hopes of reposing in utopia, completely flipping my perception into pessimism. Things did not turn out well.

Nevertheless, opportunities emerged into vision, many of which I had immersed myself within. These decisions of mine continue to stretch into history as some of the most ebullient and unforgettable marks that had ever been planted into my mind, notably the developed passion of cross country and choosing to play the French horn.

Now that the abyss of time carries those gloomy and cherished experiences further and further away from where I am now, it also pulls me closer to some of the most crucial moments of my life (that I consider at this point in time anyway). The most predominant thought lingering in my mind in the time being is my PSYCHOLOGY 3/4 SAC on Wednesday. Something I wished I’d spent more time preparing for over the last two weeks of term 1 as well as the glamorous holidays…. As they say, “Quem não vive para servir não vive para viver” (“Those who don’t live to serve don’t serve to live.”). As a VCE student, I must struggle and strive to knick-knack myself in my studies to my utmost potential, and not yet have I reached the pinnacle. However, the pinnacle will sparkle and shine when the time comes… And when will it come ? Well, I don’t need you to tell me.

I hope to achieve an outstanding ATAR of at least 98.00, and to complete a double degree in Law/Arts at Monash, or possible Law/Politics Philosophy Economics at ANU. Although my studies inundate my mind right now, I am aware that the stretch of time emanates beyond me, where the many experiences of time are yet to engulf me.

Many mysteries lie ahead of me as life persists to afflict obstacles yet unravel many exquisite experiences. I would like to thank my parents, cousin, teachers and friends who have accompanied my side by side through this raucous adventure over the years. And for now, I vow to the, my studies, to exemplify improvements and success. Only then will my contention recite to me, “I SAW, I CAME, I CONQUERED’,

By Akarin Siriamphone, 12/4/2015, 23:35.


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