The One who Watches-Reagan Tao 10C

I always knew your touch, whether filled with sorrow, or with mirth.

When I was yet to take my first breath

Before birth

After death


We are intertwined.

When I first stood up,

You were there, close to heart, to mind.

When I drank, you held the cup.


Between us tears poured like rain

Bond loose and broken.

Red haze descended, such was the pain.

Kindness given, just a token.


Looking back, turning the clock

I see my faults.

My realisation. My world it rocks.

For a second, a lifetime my world halts.


For your love was boundless,

That I know now.

The things that I owe you are countless.

To bring you back, how?


However, I know now we will never be separated.

For you are my mother

Before birth

After death


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