It’s Too Late Now

I broke something

It wasn’t my fault

I can’t take all the blame

It’s broken now, beyond repair

And nothing can change that.

I wish I could though

Turn back time

Change the decisions of the past

How do you explain it to someone?

Do you tell them everything at once

Let it all crash on them like a wave

And watch them try to keep their balance?

Or would it be better to

Give them the pieces and 

Let them put it together?

It’s slower and less sudden

But it’s the slow knife that cuts the deepest

Either way, it’s going to hurt them

Deep inside them something will burn

And never grow back.

Maybe it’s better to

Keep quiet for the while.

Hope no one tells them

And breaks that uneasy silence

Let them sit in blissful ignorance

While the train of your mistakes

Hurtles towards them.

Don’t try to stop it.

You set it in motion

You stoked the fires.

You urged it forward

And when it hits them

It’s going to be bad.

The rug will be pulled

And no one can stop you fall

They’ll watch with cold eyes

As you plummet down

Not even lifting a finger

To help you up.

He trusted me

And I broke that.


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