The poet and the songstress

This is a story about a poet and a songstress with a problem,

The songstress’ problem

It couldn’t be solved by a thousand compliments or ten thousand ovations,

Only the poet understood,

She wanted to push herself further and further, past her own limits

He understood because he, too, was a creator, and he had often encountered those limits,

So the poet began to sing,

For the songstress,

It was the song of chrysalis,

This chrysalis was more beautiful than any gem in the world,

Any who saw it, praised it,

But hidden within, there was an even more beautiful truth,

“Wings slumber inside you”

A burst of lightning coursed through the songstress’ body,

“Will you stay in that hard, cramped she’ll forever?

Is that what you truly desire?”

It is not

The poet’s song was like a spider’s thread, catching the songstress’ hard, tiny heart,

And wrapping itself around it,

The poet continued to sing,

He sang so that she could be true to herself,

The song became a sharp jaw,

Placing its fangs against the shell surrounding her,

“You needn’t hide yourself in anything”

With quivering hands, the songstress sloughed off her shell, as if in a strange enchantment,

She no longer saw the poet himself before her,

A comforting gaze, a hot breath like fire,

The smell of excitement, his very existence had become a song,

Her clear skin, that had captivated millions,

Was exposed to the wavering light,

“How beautiful,

You’re so beautiful”

More. Show me more

It’s all right”

The poets words were a sweet poison,

Spreading through her heart.

And the blue sky was there,

The songstress will be reborn,

She will throw off her false cocoon,

To become a free papillon,

And fly off, into the distant blue sky,

As she really exists, in her true form,

“Fly! take flight to a new world!


It was neither fear nor pain,

Let alone regret,

It was a height of joy she had never known,,

An overwhelming feeling of liberation,

The songstress died..

And a true songstress was born.


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