Inner Over Outer Does Always Arise

Sleeves on blue shirts grow higher and higher,
Hair leaps a mound as it reaches the ground
Letters and symbols known to all are crowned,
Knives and scalpels make half the attire;
Powders, creams and liquids all for the buyer,
Exposure of assets, considered profound
A facade created to be renowned;
Success to the eye is what all desire.
Forgotten, yet, is most important of all,
What all can seek and all can possess,
Captivates hearts, it does, not attract eyes-
Laying within, it’s what urges to squall;
Smiles to the mind, to the soul it does express,
Inner over outer does always arise.


3 thoughts on “ASHANE DE SILVA 10K- Sonnet”

  1. Congrats on the merit certificate, you truly deserve it after your hard work and dedication to Competition Writing over the past two years! Great Job should have gotten half colours, will try to let your teacher in charge know!!!

    Well done 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks David!!! Competition Writing is a really enjoyable and interesting club which I wish to continue on with in the future. Yes- I have dismissed downball many times to go to meetings and I guess it has paid off with my first merit certificate (don’t think the half colours is appropriate but thanks anyways)!!! Thanks again and thank you for reading my pieces (much appreciated).


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