Stress sonnet By Abhey Kumar

I wake up in fear, fear of an inescapable force.
No matter how hard I try I can not escape its source.
I corrupts ones body and soul.
Some times I feel like a part of me is missing and I will never again be whole.
It is very much taking its toll.
Maybe I’m crazy I just get a bit to anxious.
Or maybe I’m angry maybe I just need a bit more patience.
But unfortunately the monster is very real.
Stress, stress, stress.
To it you can’t simply say no or yes.
It forces it self upon one until they turn into a mess.
Some time in your life you must battle stress.
It strikes when you least expect it.
To overcome it one needs courage and grit.
It’s like quicksand the harder I try to flee the more it sticks on me.
So stress is something from which you or me will never be free.
Just avoiding it is the key.


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