Writing Prompt: Technology

Technology plays an important role in all of our lives today, whether in the form of mobile phones, PCs, iPads or laptops, for our entertainment and work. Over the next couple of weeks, I encourage you to give some thought to the importance of significance of technology to you or our society as a whole. You could also think about technology through the lens of a science-fiction writer, in terms of how it will affect our lives into the future or even the role it could play in our suppression as in Brave New World or 1984. The following are some prompts related to technology.

Note that writing in response to the fortnightly prompts is not compulsory.

Technology’s potential for creative production – My overview of the potential for technology to replace human jobs

The sounds of the future – My analysis of Radiohead’s OK Computer, a critically acclaimed album that discusses the potential role of technology in our future lives



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