A man walks into a bar and sees

Bright lights, because you see, and as much as you may think you know, you can never be certain, and funnily enough, you didn’t know, this man isn’t really a man, nor could that she walk, and infact, she had accidentally found himself in a rave dungeon. Now I know what you may be thinking, a rave dungeon? What is that, I’ve never heard of something so brilliant in my life! I have got to go see one of them my self. Or maybe that was a slight exaggeration, however that’s beside the point. This person didn’t intend to travel to a rave dungeon, actually, she was trying to follow precise instructions to a bar to meet with her friends, however, just like the title, her presumptuous and arrogant behaviour led her to getting lost. Altogether, this just goes to show that there is no excuse for haughty behaviour no matter what you have been through and your current state. And by the way, by the time she arrived at bar her friends had already left. There are two types of truths in this world, as I learnt recently, and they’re the empirical truth, and the analytic truth. And as a popular teacher of mine said “Theres only one game in town, and that’s the game of truth”. He didn’t mention what truth it was but I believe he meant the analytic truth, or the true truth. Which everyone should keep in mind, because the search for truth will not end soon and to reach that zenith of a happy life, you must try to be truthful, not just to others, more importantly, to yourself.
~~Randomness~~~ Harmanjit Singh


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