Welcome to 2015!

Welcome to 2015, previous and current members of MHS Competition Writing! This year, we aim to continue to uphold the spirit of Competition Writing as a club for people who want to share their writing with others, whether competitively or just for personal enjoyment.

Unicorn Express
The blog will remain a central part of the club, as a place to share your writing with other members of the group so that others can enjoy and discuss the writing shared. For new members wanting to join the blog, the process for signing up is simple:
1. Go to http://www.wordpress.com/ and create a WordPress account.
2. Email your username to Ms. Sheko, who will add permission for you to post on the blog.
3. To post writing, select UnicornExpress from the WordPress dashboard and click add new post. Add relevant tags and choose the category that your type of writing falls under.

Discussion is a huge part of what makes writing fun for so many people, and hopefully why you will decide to post your writing on the blog for others to see. This year we want to encourage discussion of others writing, both in the comments and in the fortnightly meetings where at least one person will be required to read a piece of writing that they have posted. We also highly encourage discussion of the writing prompts, which will be posted regularly as inspiration, as well as other topics related to literature and writing that inspires yourself or others to write.

Hypertext Fiction
Hypertext fiction is a new idea that we are trying out this year that entails writing a blog post in response to another post that someone has already written. So far, there have been three hypertext fiction posts (1) Will, (2) me and (3) Victor. We are looking to nominate someone to continue this story every week – although it does not have to be chronological – so that at the end of the year we have a piece of writing that everyone in the group has contributed to.

Although the name of the group is Competition Writing, the focus is not at all on being competitive, entering heaps of competitions and receiving prize money. What Competition Writing is really about is about sharing your writing with a like-minded community of writers to improve and have fun. However, competitions are a great opportunity to test your writing ability against other entrants, and you can even win money. For the main list of competitions, go to https://unicornexpressmhs.wordpress.com/competitions/.

Write-a-Book-in-a-Day (April 1 – Aug 31)
We are looking for people to sign up for a team to spend the whole day writing a book, with pizza provided by the library.

Writing Workshops
Last year, there were some lecture-style writing workshops run by students to provide suggestions for improving one’s writing. This year, we want to keep writing workshops, but make them focused more on our personal experiences of what makes good writing and a good writer.

Guest Speakers
We are hoping to be able to get some guest speakers, whether authors, journalists or others in the world of writing to speak at the school. If you have any suggestions for writers living in Melbourne that could be guest speakers, please tell the captains.

Facebook Group
The Facebook group is the way we encourage sharing of blog posts that you enjoy with others, as well as keeping up to date with meetings and finding new writing resources.

I look forward to working with all of you as part of Competition Writing 2015, and hope to make it a good year!



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