Was It Worth It?

Well, I finally went and bought it. After several burglar break-ins, nonetheless, in which the thieves always stole all the furniture.
As I squinted at the small text in the instructions manual for the electronic lock system for the front door, it crossed my mind yet again how manufacturers always print small instruction manuals with even smaller fonts. Really, I had felt inclined to use the local astronomy centre to read the text; I had recently heard how the scientists had purchased an upgrade to their telescope, which they used to observe distant galaxies. Possibly, I had thought, it would also make the tiny text legible. However, I had decided against it; mainly because another burglar may use the opportunity to enter my house as I go out to read the small text. Thus, the security system would have been useless. Plus, I didn’t think the upgrade would be enough…
My thick, clumsy fingers ducked and dived as I struggled to bolt the door into place. To me, it had felt as I was performing brain surgery on an important patient: A stitch there, a cut there…darn, I was one millionth of a millimetre off! Now I am afraid your husband would be no longer able to twist his thumbs or deliver the state budget, which would be a shame, I am sure you’ll all agree…
Now, the wires were neatly tied and circuited, and I was in an annoyed mood. It had taken me ten hours to attach the security system to the doorframe, and another two to wire it up. All of this meant that I had missed my favourite TV show. Disaster! Tragedy! The world stops to hear a scream that would break all records! But I brushed my annoyance away, to marvel at all the time that the security system would save. From now on, the no one shall enter the main door unless I give them access. I felt safe, happy, almost joyful, as I turned around from the door. However, all that faded as I saw that:
1) A window above the stove was somehow open.
2) All the furniture was stolen. Again!
I had spent so much time hooked to connecting and fitting the security system for the front door that I hadn’t paid attention to other points of access to my house. And you could say that I had paid the price for that.


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