Warrior by Matthew Ung

I stand alongside my comrades, my fellow warriors. As I look around me I see nothing but flat, low lying land and the opposing army approaching. Looking up, I see the sun’s rays streaking across the sky. I feel violent winds whistling past me. This would be a glorious battle, where I will either die honourably for my king or reign triumphantly over the opposing soldiers. My eyes lay fixated upon the army, rapidly approaching towards me. I hear the grumbles of soldiers eager to start fighting.

I hear small whispers turn into loud screams, as the opposing army begins to charge at our front lines. I begin to rush forward holding my shield in my left arm and my sword in my right arm. As I approach an opposing soldier, I swiftly raise my shield, blocking their first strike and in return I send a quick slash across the waist. Blood begins spilling from him, drenching my clothing. Ignoring the person I have just murdered, I continue to charge, mercilessly slashing down each soldier as he approaches, not stopping even if they are begging for mercy. My mind lays focused on the glory and honour I will receive after the war.

A day has passed since the fighting had begun, however the war is far from ending. Both sides have received countless casualties. Either side could triumph in this battle. I slowly rise from my resting place, ready to continue fighting. I draw out my sword and raise my shield. I rush towards the enemy’s front lines, slashing ferociously off their heads. I see laying sprawled on the ground, begging for mercy. I chuckle at the sight of such a pathetic fool. They beg for mercy, yet merely a few minutes ago they were attacking me with the intent to kill. I stomp on his hand until I hear him screaming violently with pain. I laugh at him, mocking him for his weak disposition. Satisfied with myself, I decide to end his life, killing him with a quick swipe to the throat.

Now the war has gone on for weeks. I feel exhausted, barely able to move. There are very few soldiers left who are able to fight. Both armies have suffered numerous casualties. The war is going to end soon. In the distance, I see a white flag swaying in the wind. I realise that the opposition has finally surrendered. I am overcome with the feelings of relief and joy. My desire for honour and pride has finally been satisfied.

I lift my sword up triumphantly, but as I look around, I see no one else celebrating, instead they merely stare at me intently with a strange look in their eyes. Around me I see nothing but numerous dead corpses. I smell the putrid smell of rotting meat. When I finally attempt to find my friends, I come to realise that not even one of my friends has survived this wretched battle. I begin to remember the countless people which I have murdered and tortured. I remember the feeling of blood covering my body. The memories begin to bring shivers down my spine. I no longer understand my identity. Am I a monster in human form or is it human nature to crave destruction? I don’t even know the reason for this war, but I still just blindly went for the so called glory which came with victory, but this victory isn’t glorious. It is not glorious to take the life of a fellow human being, it is utterly despicable. I realise that war is an atrocity, which should never be enacted. I realise that humans are merely monsters in disguise.


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