Alco by Eeshan Jhingran 10D

Still ecstatic and warm from the wild teenage party, we walked out. It was getting crazy and we didn’t want to get caught up in any mess. Steven had been drinking, alcohol reeked from his breath. There was a questionable stain on his nautica shirt and drops of it on his grey shorts. I figured that he had puked his guts out in the toilet. Myself, on the other hand, was immaculate. Maybe a Dorito stain on the back of my black leathery jacket from when the bowl was dropped from upstairs, I had never tested before in my life— and I didn’t plan on starting any time soon. Steven’s mother had told me to keep him out of trouble, so far I had done my best to do so, whilst still being a friend. I cleaned him up and got him out early. The music was blazing. I could hear people singing along even though we were almost at the end of the street. I looked up, aside from the light pollution and street lamps, the evergreen trees of Hawthorn made the suburb look classy. We walked through the drips of moonlight between trees and the darkness under their canopies. Steven staggered along, half his weight slung on my shoulder. “Oi, watch where you’re staggerin mate” I snapped. He giggled and then tripped over a crack in the foot path. With a goofy smile and I scrape on his nose he slurred “Ahahaha sorry, I’ll try better. Gotta get sober before I get home.” We walked on, getting closer to his home. As we neared the entrance to our shortcut, Camberwell skate park, I shrugged him off. I bent down to my air Jordan’s and tied the shoe laces. I squinted to see if I was even close to grabbing my laces. Steven’s shadow was blocking all the light. “Hey, move a lil, you’re in the way man,” he moved. I heard a revving of an engine. “Hey drunk boy, get away from the road— some hoon seems to be comin.” The car engine got louder. In a deafening screeching of brakes I heard a thud and Steven’s voice. My eyes darted up. I wasn’t wearing my glasses but I saw a number plate TQR638. The tail lights and back of an fd rx7 were quite distinct. The sight of this was burned into my memory. I saw the car zoom away and Steven smashing the ground. Instantly, I knew he wasn’t going to make it. He was positioned awkwardly, must have had some bones broken somewhere. I bolted towards him. He coughed up some blood, I kneeled at his side. “You idiot” I was tearing up. He smiled back at me “don’t worry, you kept you promise.” I was frozen, his warm blood, forming a pool around him. My fingertips and air Jordan’s slowly turning red. “This is it for me man, I can feel it.” My eyes widened. The moon light shone over his tanned skin, his brown hair in all directions. I knew he was almost gone, I could see it in his gray-blue eyes. The metaphorical light was fading from them. “Hey, get your phone out, I want my family to get a vid of my last words” he said. The alcohol still reeked from his breath, but he wasn’t drunk anymore. The shock of getting hit by a car at about 100km/h must have sobered him up a little. I took out my phone, and turned it to video mode. He started with a gentle chuckle, “haha, I guess this is what I get for drinking ey? Don’t worry mom, he kept his promise.” Steven went on about his 14 years of life. He thanked his parents for every bit of it. Quoting stories, chuckling at the things he did wrong. He then went on to his siblings, his sisters and one brother, he grandparents. He started coughing a lot “are you sure you want to go on?” He nodded. I had felt his pulse, there was no way he would have gone further. It was dropping erratically. He said all his thanks to his family in about 1 minute. All this had happened so quickly. He was coughing up blood violently. Narrowly missing the camera. I fought back tears and held it steady as he talked. He thanked his friends for the great times. But, before he was done he wheezed ” no more, this is it.” A calm smile ran over his face. His head fell to the side, his body limp and motionless. I dropped the phone onto his body. I think it was on the vomit stain. I not sure. I couldn’t smell the blood, or the alcohol. I think I went into shock. My head fell back, and is lay on the road, knees tucked, just my upper body had become limp. I cried. After a few minutes I got up, I left him, the phone, I left it all on the road. I walked into the skate park and sat on the edge of a ramp. I sat there for an hour, looking up at the lights, the distant, but bright star. It reminded me of the lion king, how mufasa became a star after his death. I wondered if Steven was there now. I sat there for a good hour.


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