Nightmare by Matthew Ung 9G

I am in a dark room, alone. I hear footsteps in the darkness approaching me. In the distance, I see the face of a monster, which is hideous beyond belief. I am unable to move. When the creature is in front of me, everything suddenly turns black. I wake up, sweating profusely. My heart is beating rapidly. I am panting heavily from the horrible nightmare. My throat is parched, but I am too frightened to move. I lay in my bed motionless, trying to calm myself. I conjure up the courage to get up and turn on the light. My room is filled with a dim, eerie glow.

As I leave my room, I see that the rest of my house is covered in darkness. I am trembling with fear. I am scared of what may lurk in the darkness. I hurriedly walk through the hallway to the kitchen. I quickly open the fridge and pour myself a glass of water. I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I am safe.

Suddenly, I hear the wooden floorboard creaking. I hear footsteps approaching my direction. I am terrified. I stand motionless, paralysed by fear. My body is shaking with fear. I back myself against the wall. I see the beast approaching me. Its face is distorted and covered in blood. Its eyes are crimson red with malice. It comes closer and closer towards me. With adrenaline running through me, I grab a knife and stand firmly against the monster.

I charge at it, swinging arms fiercely. It evades my attacks and leaps at me, clinging onto my face. I fall over and collide with the ground. I swing my arms at it but I am unable to come into contact with the monster. It curls itself around me and I am no longer able to see.everything is in complete darkness.

Suddenly, I open my eyes and I am lying on the kitchen floor. I realise that the monster was merely a creation of my imagination. The monster was created by my own fear. I walk back into my room and fall asleep, relieved that everything was just a figment of my imagination.

By Matthew Ung


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