Speech: Stand up for mankind

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, but it seems nothing has changed, nothing has resulted from the death of our brothers and sisters who died fighting for humanity, fighting for freedom and liberty we all are entitled. It seems that some governments around the world are regressing back to police states and the future will be one where people are denied full humanity by restrictions imposed on their lives.  Under the guise of democracy, many governments around the world are in fact secretly surveying on our private lives, corrupting the media, and taking away our rights. Much like what Aldous Huxley envisioned in his ‘Brave New World’, the future could be a place where the common citizens have no rights.

Firstly, in our current day world, we all take Democracy for granted. We enjoy freedom of speech, we enjoy how we know the truth, and we enjoy thinking for ourselves. But think for a moment how it would feel if we got these luxuries forcefully taken away from us. Many people around the world don’t enjoy these rights, and slowly governments will take these rights away from us. For example in our lives, we rely on the media to tell us the truth. Some people in many countries such as North Korea or China don’t enjoy freedom of press, and are being denied the truth. Their state-run media are brainwashing their citizens, denying them the ability to think for themselves. It may seem farfetched to believe that this is happening in Australia; however, many governments including ours are bribing newspaper organizations to give them favourable press. This is taking away from our right to truth.

The second issue is the idea that the governments are spying into our private lives. All of us have conversations with others in our life, but how would you feel if every single conversation were being eavesdropped. That’s exactly what’s happening currently. Almost everyone uses the internet and mobile devices to converse, and to be social. Our governments are taking advantage of this, and are engaging in a process known as phone-tapping. This is where they can see every single message you send, listen into every single call you make and track your every move. How are we supposed to speak freely with one another if we are constantly being monitored? Our governments are suppressing us. Freedom of speech is a lie. You might wonder, oh they’re just doing it to protect us, for security. Look at Tony Abbott, he’s been phone-tapping the Indonesian President, look at Rupert Murdoch, he’s been phone tapping all the celebrities. This is not for us; this is for their personal greed and gain.

Many authors, past and present, have envisaged the future. Many stories have been created telling us of police states with CCTVs and constant surveillance, many have told us about how society brainwashes its citizens so they don’t revolt, but none have been listened, nobody has heeded the warning. As we venture further into the future, our society is receding back into the past. Governments are greedy for power, and for them to stay in power, they need to stamp us out. We are the main force which can stop the dictators from taking over, and that’s why they are scared. They are scared of us, because we can do something about it. Many stories like ‘Brave New World’, and ‘The Pedestrian’ have told us about one brave soul who fights against the oppressive government, who has taken all their rights away, but in the end they are only one brave soul, but we can be many brave souls and actually stop the dictators from taking over.

In the end, many of you here may be scared of acting, may be scared of taking a stand against our government’s paths towards dictatorship. However, there are many of you, many of us, and we should fight against oppressive rulers. We should listen to the many authors who have explored the idea, and stop phone-tapping, stop media bribing, stop greedy governments. Maybe when you sit down in front of the television to watch the evening news, think about what they are telling you, is it really the truth?


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