Haunted House by Matthew Ung 9G

I gaze at the house in the distance. The house stands alone in solitude. It is deserted; no one ever dares to step near it. I see the rough wooden walls of the house. The house is covered in a shroud of darkness. The street lamps are dim, accentuating the darkness covering the house. The trees in the garden are dead, it is almost as if their life had been drained away from them. The garden is bare without even a blade of grass. The house is surrounded by a mangled wooden fence.

I begin to walk towards the house. I feel an unexplainable force dragging me towards it pulling me closer and closer towards the house. The sound of crashing of wheels on the tarmac road turns into an eerie silence. My ears are filled with nothing but the echo of my own footsteps. Every step I take, brings me closer toward the house. I am panicking, unable to control my body. I walk past the gate of the house and head slowly towards the mysterious wooden door. The force dragging me towards the house begins to grow stronger. When I am in front of the wooden door, my arm begins to raise, reaching out for the door. I begin to regret my decision to come to this house. I wanted to act brave and brag to my friends about going into this haunted house. I never believed in ghosts. I merely believed they were nothing more than superstition.

When the door flings open, I see walls covered in blood. I see deformed corpses lying on the ground. I smell the putrid stench of rotting meat. I stand unable to move. I feel vomit gushing up my throat from seeing this disgusting sight. The door slams shut enclosing me in this hell. I begin to punch furiously at the door, to no avail. Tears begin to trickle down my face. I realise this is going to be the end of my life. Everything turns pitch black. I feel excruciating pain, resonating through my body. I scream out in pain hoping that someone will respond, but no one does.

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