Writing Competitions for 2014 (page moved)

This page is no longer being maintained. 

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Writing Competitions last updated July 16
Maintained regularly by Joseph Nguyen.

Here’s a list of a few competitions that have their deadlines within the next few months that you can look into doing for fulfilling the requirements.

If you’ve found a competition of interest and has not been listed, please comment below and it’ll be added to the list.


(Italicised means it is restricted to a certain age group, or contains other restrictions.)

Other links to note are:
The Aust. Writers Resource Competitions list: http://www.austwriters.com/AWRfiles/competitions.htm

The MHS Libguides Writing also has a list of competitions: http://libguides.mhs.vic.edu.au/writing

July 18: Bayside Writing Competition: Flash Fiction ($0 fee, Bayside Council residents only)

16-18 years category is Flash Fiction of 150 words or less. Any theme.

July 18: Margaret Dooley Award for Young Writers 2014 ($0 fee)
Entrants are to submit a piece of ethical exploration that will engage a non-specialist audience.
Under 1500 words for people aged under 30 years.

July 21: Yarram Community Centre Inc Short Story/Poetry Competition ($3-5 fee, postal entries only)
1500-3000 word short story or 8-48 lines of poetry. Fees are $5 and $3 respectively and there is no theme set.

July 31: Mudgee Valley Writers 14th Biennial Competition ($5 fee, postal entries only) [Thanks, Jill for letting us know about this competition.]
2000 word maximum short story or 60 line maximum poetry. Two categories, novice and open, novice is for authors who have not won a monetary prize in a competition.

August 2: City of Monash WordFest 2014 Short Story Competition ($0 fee, for residents of City of Monash, or member of Monash Libraries)
Open category short story in prose. 12-14 years- 500 words max. short story. 14-17 years- 1000 words max. short story. Open category- 2000 words max. short story. Prizes include book vouchers to $500.

August 21: Boroondara Literary Awards ($0 fee, most categories limited to residents of Boroondara)
500-900 word prose or 200 lines of poetry for Yr 7-9, and 900-1300 word prose or 200 lines of poetry for Yrs 10-12. Open topics, as well as the main theme “Courage in Adversity”  for each category. Prizes of up to $600.

August 31: City of Melbourne Young Writer’s Award 2014 ($0 fee, for writers between 10-25)
3500 word max short stories or 100 lines max of poetry, or 4-8 pages of a graphic novel or comic short story for various age group categories from 10-25. Any topic is permitted.



2 thoughts on “Writing Competitions for 2014 (page moved)”

  1. Good Morning Unicorn Express
    I am writing on behalf of Mudgee Valley Writers and would be grateful if you could list our current competition on your site.
    Thanking you
    Jill Baggett

    Mudgee Valley Writers 14th Biennial Competition

    Open Theme – Entries Close Thursday 31st July 2014

    Open Categories:

    Short Story – 2000 words maximum

    Poetry (Rhyming) – 60 lines maximum

    Novice Categories:

    Short Story by an author who has not previously won a monetary prize

    in any competition at time of entry – 2000 words max.

    Poetry (Rhyming) by an author who has not previously won a monetary prize

    in any competition at time of entry – 60 lines max.

    Entries cheque or money order –
    $5 per entry or $12 for three entries.

    Prizes Open Sections– First $200 plus Trophy. Second $100. Third $50.

    Novice Sections – First $100 plus Trophy. Second $50. Third $30.

    Highly Commended and Commended Certificates awarded.

    Entry forms can be obtained by sending a stamped self addressed envelope to

    PO Box 356, Mudgee NSW 2850 or email j.baggett@bigpond.com

    Entry forms and all entries to be forwarded to:
    Competition Secretary,

    Mudgee Valley Writers Inc
    PO Box 356, Mudgee NSW 2850


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