Hook for a murder mystery- Eeshan Jhingran

I thought, a locked room murder is common. Usually, people are baffled by it. Any crime fiction fan would beg to differ. They’d have their own story inspired theories.

Right now, the bloody body on the ground was a victim of a locked room murder. And though I was a senior detective, I had no idea how this could even work. The victim, as shown by the internal injuries from the autopsy had either been killed by an expert, or a lucky amateur; not by a slit to the throat like it had been set up. What I was certain of, was that the culprit was a genius. I don’t know how they had set it up, but they were a genius.

I looked back at the door, a chain lock— most commonly manipulated with string in constructing a locked room murder. “Sir, this string was on the chain lock, it was probably used in the locking of this room,” a graduate waved an evidence bag in my face. “It’s a highly published method,junior. The autopsy tells us that the murder itself was done by a professional or a lucky amateur. That string… It’s a decoy” I replied.


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