Ekphrastic poem- Joshua tay


10,000 Warriors-Aftermath

The ordered land stretched forth,
It was a mountain, a plain,
It was as vast as the oceans
With every inch in symmetry.
Silent, unmoving, calm
Quieter than a pin drop

It was a peaceful scene,
The soil was calm, not a noise to be heard
Then a loud boom, a tremble, the flight of a bird
What could this mean?

Bodies were thrown against each other,
Many falling, many dying,
Until there is no more to be felled
Until the wounded warriors were no longer crying

The gruesome battle was over,
With neither side winning nor losing
Each fallen body, looking the same
They lay there dead, forever unmoving

Was it worth it? All that money
And tears and souls that were wasted
Forever lost on the peaceful land
It’s serenity, forever disrupted

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